Tomorrow Is Fantastic Four Death Day!

Yes of course the status quo will be reverted to at some point.

Yes, it will probably be after the end of a twelve issue run of FF which will then be re-renamed and renumbered as Fantastic Four #600.

But Jonathan Hickman is one of the finest modern commercial comic book writers. His Fantastic Four so far has been a dream. He is the absolute king of structure in storytelling and this kind of event seems to exploit that wonderfully.

And tomorrow, that sense of ennui should disappear as the crowds come out to comic stores the world over.

Fantastic Four #587, the conclusion of the 3 storyline. And death, death, death.

So. What do we think?

The three favourite theories are a) the Death of Ben Grimm (my own gut bet based on Marvel’s usual policy of distraction, seeing The Thing solicited as appearing in other future comics, along with a lot of Thing reprint projects), b) the Death of the Human Torch, based on his friend Spider-Man comforting Franklin over shared-uncle-loss-syndrome (although this could also apply to Ben) and c), potentially the most exciting, the deaths of everyone but the Thing, the title 3 standing for the three Fantastic Four members who die, and FF standing for something like Fantastic Foundation.

Copies will be on sale tomorrow, and should be in UK shops around 1pm. An hour later some East Coast shops will open at 9am. Who will spoil who first?

Note, Bleeding Cool will not spoil the reveal directly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We may provide a link to a spoiler, but that will be your choice to click the link. There will be no leak on any front page stories, but I cannot guarantee the same on the forums.

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