Death’s Head To Return With Simon Furman

It’s written by the original creator, yes?

Death’s Head, the origial, returns to Marvel UK newstand kids-aimed comic, Marvel Heroes #33. Hulk Vs Death’s Head, written by Marvel HEroes regular (and top bloke) Ferg Handley and Death’s Head co-creator, Simon Furman, with art by Simon Williams and John Ross.The comic is out on March 24th.

Also, a character created for Britain’s short-lasting original Spider-Man stories in the eighties (a stop gap to replace the reprinted black costume stories if they proved unpopular) Assassin-8 returns, fighting Captain Britain and Captain America, written by Freg Handley and drawn by Assassin-8 creator Mike Collins (aldo of a certain Royal Wedding comic book)

And Alan Davies has create a new cover for the paperback collection of the Alan Moore/Alan Davis run on Captain Britain, volume 5.

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