Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso – Comic Books Should Deal With Adult Themes, Like Nudity And Violence

Newly official Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonson gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal. As you do. During which he was asked;

Should comic books deal with adult themes, like nudity and violence?

And replied;

Absolutely. I think we are shackling ourselves if we treat comics like they're just for kids. There's plenty of room for the type of material that's solely intended for adults, as long as it doesn't find its way into the hands of kids. As someone who came up through the Vertigo imprint at D.C. Comics doing mature comics, I'd be silly not to think that. By the same token, superhero comics are the bread and butter of our industry for a reason.

How many people however will take the first word answer to that question as the whole of the law? Including, um, whoever wrote the title to this piece. Which, apparently, appears to have been me.

I should be horsewhipped.

But he also gives us "Comics isn't a genre; it's a medium", "I'm half Mexican, and apart from Zapata Brothers, there aren't many Mexican superheroes. Considering how many Mexicans there are in the United States and willing to spend money on comic books, that's kind of shocking" and the old fallback "He's got the proportionate strength of a spider"…

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