Brendan McCarthy’s Rejected Pitch For Spider-Man Fever II

Posted by December 2, 2010 Comment

Earlier in the year, Marvel published a Spider-Man/Doctor Strange mini-series entitled Fever, directly inspired by Steve Ditko’s work on the character. Brave, bold and brash,it was a surreal treat and one of the better Marvel books of late. Was there a chance of any more? Seemingly, no. Brendan McCarthy told me;

I recently tried Marvel on a sequel to FEVER called “Carnival of Light”, named after the unreleased Sgt Pepper era sound-collage that the Beatles knocked up for a “Happening” at the Round House in London.

Marvel told me they have trimmed plans for their more ‘fringe’ titles, so it’s very unlikely this one will fly. Attached, some of the visuals from the pitch.

Perhaps a quality Dr. Strange movie will stoke up demand for the character’s surreal world of dimensions and sorcerers.

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