Speculator Watch: Superman Earth One

Speculator Watch: Superman Earth One

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Sometimes you just have to watch the signs.

Retailers traditionally order less of an original graphic novel than any corresponding monthly series, at least initially.

A number of retailers have reported they were shorted on numbers by Diamond and there are no copies left to replace them. There was been no official “sold out” notice but it’s looking that way. And there is word of a second print.

There was significant press attention for this book on publication that many did not anticipate, using such hot trigger words as Robert Pattinson and Twilight.

Amazon has sold out. For now.

While some people are offering copies for cover price, $19.99 or less on eBay, some are asking for $27 or more… and getting it.

The book has been compared to Ultimate Spider-Man. Another book dismissed to some degree by retailers and now a $50 comic.

Will this be a $100 book by next year?

I’m not suggesting you rush out and by a tonne of these. But the copy you did buy? Try not to break the spine…

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