Britain's Biggest Comics Convention Starts On Friday

Britain’s Biggest Comics Convention Starts On Friday

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The MCM London Expo. I used to be terribly snobbish about this sort of media/cosplay fair and had some bad experiences when young. Then I went to this one and everything changed. You get caught up in the joy, the love, the fact that there are stacks of seventeen year old women buying their first comic books. It opens eyes.

And since that first time a few years ago, the Comics Village has expanded in size and scope, offering educational content, a lot of British publishers with opportunities to show your work and pitch ideas, a lot of British comics figures either showing their wares or meeting the crowds and an awful lot of cosplay to be entertained by. Plus British and American media stars to entice and dazzle. And now they’ve got the Eagle Awards on the Friday – that is a new addition as the show continues to grow.

And it’s back on this weekend. I mentioned the Eagle Awards, Bleeding Cool is nominated, on the Friday night, and I’l be acompanied by the lovely Khandie Khisses. Saturday I’ll probably be running round interviewing people, picking up comics and photographing the Dinsey Zombie Princesses. And on Sunday I’ll probably bring the kids for a slightly quieter time and to buy them to rabbit ear hats.

Bt what else is being promised? Well there’s an exclusive look at some footage from both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Paul,and James Cameron’s upcoming Special Edition Avatar DVD/Blu Ray.

There’s a comic showdown between writers David Hine, Simon Spurrier, Ian Sharman, Antony Johnston & Kieron Gillen, and artists Bernard Chang, Sean Phillips, Lizz Lunney, Gary Erskine & Jamie McKelvie (cheatwatch – David Hine is an artist and Jamie McKelvie is a writer!)

We’ll also have Chris Claremont, Paul Cornell, Andy Diggle, Jock, Tony Lee, Lee Townsend, Dan Boultwood, Si Spurrier, Al Davison and loads more people with Marvel UK and Markkosia having a big presence.

There are alweays lots of  comic book publications to be launched at this show – one of the more interesting will be Multiverse, the Comics-International-replacement from Mike Conroy and friends. I feel a numbercrunching coming on.

There will be a few mdia star dotted around, includingGlenn Morshower from the Transformers movies, John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek), horror star Tony Todd, Colin Ferguson, Jordan Hinson and Chris Gauthier from Eureka, Warehouse 13’s Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Saul Rubinek, Haven’s Lucas Bryant, Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges of Primeval,

And there will be loads more unnanounced. Last time I bumped into a surprise appearance of Tom Baker. You never know what you’re going to get.

Although being a Hallowe’en convention, the coplay will be even more interesting than usual.

I’ll be there. If you see me and want to say hello, please do – I alsways get emails from people who saw me but never said hello, because they didn’t want to interrupt me. I love getting interrupted!

It’s on at the ExCel Conference Centre in the Docklands of London. It even has its own District Light Railway station…

And something people will also be talking about at the show, though the organisers may wish they didn’t? Find out in an hour…

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