Image Expo To Take Place At ECCC On Wednesday, April 6th

Image Expo is the sporadic event for all things Image Comics that specialises in announcing a number of big projects from creators for the publisher, most of which get published, some even in the same year of being announced. They’ve allied themselves with ReedPOP to be part of the Emerald City Comicon this year in […]

Image Expo Preview Book To Hit Comic Stores The Wednesday After

Last summer’s Image Expo was held in the Hilton Bayfront the Wednesday morning of San Diego Comic Con. I’m staying there this year and so thought that might save me a morning rush from the other side of town. But this year Image is holding their Expo in San Francisco the Thursday before the show. Bleeding […]

Chip Zdarsky And Kagan McLeod’s Kaptara, Announced At Image Expo

It’s not about ethics at Image expos. Or Howard The Duck. Or Gary The Duck. This is a new comic by Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod (of Infinite Kung-fu fame). Kaptara, a scifi comedy series. Dr. Moreau meets your old action figures. We are to think of it as “Gay Saga”. You may begin now. Get the […]

Kieron Gillen And David LaFuente’s The Ludocrats, Announced At Image Expo

Not Phonogram 3 yes. Soon, oh so soon… Kieron Gillen addresses the people of Earth. The Ludocrats. Working with  Rossignol, with LaFuente, and Venancio. “A series of fantastical adventures beyond time, space and mortal comprehension.” Summer 2015. The Ludocracy can not be contained. Must not be contained.

Alex De Campi And Carla Speed McNeil’s No Mercy, Announced At Image Expo

This cold be my favourite creative team announcement of the Expo. No Mercy by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil on art. Eight issues for the first volume, beginning in April… Kids on a trip. College kids, on the way to do charity work abroad, their bus falls off a mountain. It gets worse. […]

Eric Canete And Jonathan Tsuei’s RunLoveKill, Announced At Image Expo

It began in 2006. Nine years later, Eric Canete and Jonathan Tsuei will bring RunLoveKill to Image, hopefully for April. Lots of running, loving, killing. Choices and consequences. With Asskicking and robots and dinosaurs. Get the details on the full Image Expo announcements right here.

Brian K Vaughan And Steve Skroce’s We Stand On Guard, Announced At Image Expo

Because writing Saga isn’t enough for some people. Brian K Vaughan has just announced a new series, We Stand On Guard with the bigtime Steve Skroce, set 100 years in future, with heroic Canadian bad ass civilians fighting off the US, invading with giant robots. Steve Skroce is Candaian, everyone. Get the details on the full […]

Marjorie Liu And Sana Takeda’s Monstress, Announced At Image Expo

Marjorie Liu is at today’s Image Expo event. Paranormal romance novelist, Liu has worked almost exclusively in comics for Marvel, with small dalliances for Red Sonja at Dynamite and for Jim Henson’s Storyteller at Archaia. But now she has announced Monstress, a new Image Comics title at the show, with Sana Takeda, who worked with Liu on Marvel’s X-23.  Clearly a fruitful relationship! […]

MCM Comic Con – Today, Sweden, Tomorrow The Wizard World?

MCM Comic Con is coming for you, wherever you live, it seems. The British Comic Con organiser, responsible for the MCM London Comic Con, and then spinning off around the country, went abroad this year, with shows in Ireland and Sweden. And that’s just the start. This year saw two MCM London Comic Cons, as well […]

Image Expo Returns To San Francisco In 2015 – Including Marjorie Liu

January 8th. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. San Francisco Bay. Image Expo 2015. Lots of announcements and comic creators showing off their stuff. With Brian K Vaughan, Todd McFarlane, Scott Snyder, Emi Lenox, Jeff Lemire and Marjorie Liu making announcements, with surprise guests yet to be announced. All names mentioned have existing mage comics […]

294 Shots From The Comics Village At MCM London Comic Con 2014

At today’s MCM London Comic Con, the Comics Village section was probably bigger than ever. Originally developed by Emma Vieceli, I hope she sees what it has become, growing from its original collection of tables, to stretching from one side of the show to the other. Here’s a look at almost all the booths and […]

Image Expo San Diego Comic Con 2014 Edition Sells Out In Just One Minute

Well, that was fast. Faster than San Diego Comic Con sells out in fact. One minute. All the tickets to Image Comics showing off their wares, live on stage with surprise appearances of creators and a bunch of new projects, as well as exclusive comics and a sense of specialness… gone, For those who say […]