Lying In The Gutters – 25th October 2010

Lying In The Gutters – 25th October 2010

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Google News has just accepted Bleeding Cool into its bosom. So we may have a few new visitors to this site over the next few days. Be kind to them.

For those intrigued by the site but unwilling to spend every moment pressing F5, subscribing to our Lying In The Gutters weekly e-mail gives you an instant access push to the most popular and/or intriguing articles of the week.

Now, there’s a lot of chatter about this week’s interview with Eric Stephenson, publisher of Image. And some criticism of what some people saw as agenda-led questioning. In my defence, I was trying to reflect industry concerns that had been expressed to me. But what other questions would you like to see put to him?

Because Eric Stephenson seemed to enjoy the experience enough to agree to a semi-regular question-and-answer slot at Bleeding Cool. Email in your questions and he will very likely answer them. So you think I did a bad job? Do better.

First though, why not help Bleeding Cool score some Walking Dead swag by clicking on this link – you might even score yourself a few thousand in the process…

Top Ten Posts Of The Week

1. Batman Porn Video Trailer – Well, it’s a tradition now I suppose.

2. Batman And Robin #15 Loses Satanic Cover – Well kinda. Ish.

3. DC Remove Hidden Curse Words From JLA 150 – Am I detecting a theme here?

4. Zatanna – The Cover Curse Words That Made It Through – Oh yeah, a theme all right

5. That Age Of X: Alpha Cover

6. Thursday Runaround – Slipping Sales

7. Double Entry Review Of Batman XXX and Batman FX

8. What’s Up With David Finch And The Dark Knight?

9. The Best Galactus Story Of All Time

10. Five Days With The Alien Anthology – Day One

11. Rise Of Arsenal Gag In Supergirl

12. Filling In For Batman And Robin

13. Numbercrunching Marvel Solicitation

14. Numbercrunching The DC Solicitations

15. Excuse Me For Being Cynical But – New Star Wars Movies? Really?

16. Pottymouth Doug Ramsey – Even Marvel are at it now.

17. Zack Snyder’s Superman To Be 35-40

18. James Robinson And Philip Tan – The New Hawkman Team

19. Bleeding Cool Investigates Some Mysterious Batman Images

20. The Return Of Dragon Ball – Just posted. And already screaming up the charts.

Top Ten Stories You Should Have Read

1. The Alien Anthology, Rocky Horror and The Sound of Music demonstrate the quality of Blu-ray

2. It Takes Two Series To Tanga

3. New Zealand TV reports from the set of The Hobbit

4. Spaceman – The New Vertigo Book from Brian Azzarello And Eduardo Risso

5. Let’s Play the James Cameron Blame Game

6. Eric Stephenson, Publisher Of Image – The Interview

7. Steven vs. Steve – Spielberg and Pink Each Have Their Own Big Robot Movie Coming

8. Are These The Best NYCC Photos In The World?

9. Brendon Went To See Paranormal Activity 2 And Had A Lot To Tell You About It

10. Frank Miller Rules That Harvey Pekar Died Of Natural Causes

Special thanks to Adi Tantimedh and Aaron and Mike.

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