Wednesday Rock, Work, Kicks, Family And Hitler

Wednesday Rock, Work, Kicks, Family And Hitler

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tm1See, all you need to get your comic book coverage in USA Today is be a rock star. That’s how you break into comics…

Want to draw a Stan Lee Graphic Novel? Check the Craigslist recruitment drive. Note, there is no guarantee Stan Lee will actually write the graphic novel. In fact odds are, he might not even know if it’s been published or not…

Or for a job with growth, may I suggest the Production Coordinator And Support Specialist at Marvel Digital Media? Pay may not be great but give it a year you could be running the place. And those disney benefit packages can be quite sweet…

Kick Ass gets a date. 16th of April, 2010.

The Independent tries to report as a comics insider. And doesn’t do too well at it…

Nikke Finke finds a great angle on the Misney story. As well as looking at the negotiations that went on at the top level of both companies, as well as each individual’s rationale (Disney had lots of money to spare, Ike Perlmutter wanted to keep on working) she points out that Disney’s Rober Iger has a very strong family connection to comics, which the article implies he’s keenly aware of – his grandfather’s brother was Jerry Iger — who was Will Eisner’s partner in the Eisner/Iger studios, one of the very important building blocks of the birth of the industry. Jack Kirby, Bob Kane and the like worked for them before heading onto Marvel and DC. Which means there’s a potentially different bit of spin on Disney’s stewardship of Marvel.  Marvel can potentially cast Iger as “a comic book guy” to attempt to assuage any industry concerns about their new corporate masters…

And for those fearful of Disney interference in Marvel titles, I was reminded of the Touchmark line of comics intended to be published by Disney, headed by Art Young. they included the radical-even-now gay superhero mature readers series Enigma by Pete Milligan and Duncan Fegredo and terribly debauched Sebastian O comic by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. While the books didn’t see print from Disney, down to financial reasons (the Disney Implosion) not artistic or cultural ones, decisions that DC Vertigo were a beneficiary of when they picked them up.

But the Marvel Disney story wouldn’t be a big one if someone hadn’t created a Hitler downfall video, now would it?

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