The Misney Universe – Our Favourite Disney/Marvel Mashups

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Okay so my Marvel Mickey in a previous post was a little poor. Let’s see some people with actual artistic and/or Photoshop skills go to town!


Mouserine by Khary Randolph.

fantastic mouse

Fantastic Mice by rbg29

originNick FuryNEW AVENGERS

Mickey Origin, Hunchback of SHIELD and Disney Avengers from Paul DeBenedetto and Matt Occhuizzo


Goofalactus by Ape Lad


Logald Duckerine by Saiyagina


Beast And Boo by :raeioul


Moduck by Chris Samnee


Duckdevil by Kraken

Anyone up for a Namorita/Little Mermaid battle to the death? The Fantastic Four as The Incredibles? The Punisher killing Bambi’s mother?

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