The Marvel/Disney Conference Call

The Marvel/Disney Conference Call

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duck2 Here’s the Press Release… and listen along here

The Marvel/Disney deal is to complete end of calendar year.

They hope to expand back catalogue and move across media platforms.

The acquisition of Pixar is cited as an example, including international expansion.

They want to turn lots of Marvel characters into “Iron Man” – not literally of course.

Disney XD runs twenty hours of Marvel programming a week. This is the kind of thing they’d like to play up on.

Questions if Marvel will nix the Paramount distribution deal for their movies…

These questions are all from non-fanboy investment/trust  managers… where is Jason Woods when you need him?

“I guess that will be Spider-Man in a bugs life sequel? Something like that?” yeah yeah, ask the boring infrastructure question now..

Five more pictures till the Paramount deal ends… Dinsye wants all the Marvel movies to come through its white gloved mitts – but there are contracts to be carried through first.

And we’re out. They really muddled the last question on the finance issues, that was a really important one.

Damn, no question. I would have asked a) Boom Studios, b) non-recourse financing again, c) the distribution of books deal with Diamond, d) if Howard could look a little more like Donald again…

And e) who was stronger, the Thing or Mr Incredible.

I remembe my first Marvel conference call when they didn’t hang up and a bunch of us were left chatting to each other

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