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An Iron Man Made Of Urine Wins Art Prize

Taiwanese art student Wong Tin Cheung has won a major art prize from the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts worth $13,500 for an artwork depicting the face of Iron Man, made with a variety of types of his own urine. A fan of Marvel Comics, he was inspired by finding blood in his urine, to […]

Alan Moore’s Magical Powers Of Spontaneous Improvisation

In 2010, Alan Moore gave a talk at the October Gallery in London as part of The Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness lecture series, about his journey from a child into the worlds of magic. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your take on the man and his work, this is as incredibly enjoyable as ever. Alan has […]

Monday Runaround – It’s A WonderCon Life

LogoWatch: Do you like? NewsWatch: A Kentucky newsman makes the news… by making a comic. Local television producer Jason Stevens is getting a taste of the national spotlight in the world of comics. Stevens, who produces the 4 and 7 p.m. newscasts on NBC affiliate WLEX, has launched a comic on USA Today’s Web site. […]

Sunday Trending Topics: Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles

There’s nothing like an alien controversy to get Bleeding Cool readers’ attention.  There’s Avengers aliens, Prometheus aliens, and now, seemingly… Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles.  Or so Michael Bay seems to imply when talking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in today’s top story. Like the other alien controversies, time will tell how this one plays out. Most-Read Comic Stories […]

Power Girl Gets A More Rounded P

Little Bleeders have been telling me for a while that the images that we’d seen of Power Girl and Huntress for World’s Finest, may not be the final versions and the designs were still being tweaked. Well, the latest image of Power Girl and The Huntress comes from George Perez, who has just finished this […]

Humberto Ramos’ French Fairy Quest

Humberto Ramos And Paul Jenkins’ Fairy Quest was an amazing comic when published originally last year (I’m reading it with Eve for the third time right now). But they want to make some serious money, so now it’s being published in French from Glenat in April. Here is the planned Humberto Ramos cover for the […]

BBC Jumps On Brazilian Batman

BBC News has run a piece on the Brazilian Batman. Or rather, André Luiz Pinheiroan ex-soldier recruited by the Brazilian military police to help out in areas of high crime, while dressed as Batman. Bleeding Cool was the first to report this story in English. The piece plays down any action that the individual will […]

Brian Wood Takes On Both X-Men And Ultimate Comics X-Men This Summer

It’s shaping up to be a big weekend for Marvel mutants at Wondercon, and here’s the latest… Marvel has just announced that Brian Wood will take over writing both X-Men and Ultimate Comics X-Men beginning in June with X-Men #30 and Ultimate Comics X-Men #13.  More on this to come, I’m sure…

Exclusives No More…

When a comic publisher signs up a creator to an exclusive deal, meaning they can only work for them… or rather, not work for the direct competition, there is often a press release. A little bit of bragging. A certain “we’ve got them, and no one else has, nya nya nya nya nya”. But when […]

Swipe File: Captain Marvel And Rosie The Riveter

While some have noted the resemblance of the new Captain Marvel to Marvelwoman/Miraclewoman, as portrayed by John Totleben below, there’s one of the released images of the new Ms Marvel that bears another resemblace to the World War II poster image, now associated with Rosie The Riveter. Rosie The Riveter first appeared in wartime US […]

The Inspiration of Fictional Heroes by Siike Donnelly

Siike Donnelly writes for Bleeding Cool at WonderCon Looking over my articles at Bleeding Cool, I noticed I don’t get a lot of hits. I understand why to be honest; I write about charity stuff, how comic books can inspire us to take action in our world, and I’m usually positive and upbeat. It’s annoying […]

The Digital Comics Price Fight – Chip Mosher Vs Mark Waid

Ray Brown writes for Bleeding Cool from WonderCon; The Digital Comics Price Fight panel was billed as a battle between Chip Mosher, vice president of marketing and business development for Comixology, and Mark Waid, self-proclaimed digital maven and troublemaker, over the proper price point for digital comics. In reality, however, Mosher and Waid had a […]

After Hours At The Hilton WonderCon

Ryan King writes for Bleeding Cool, whilst lying in a gutter. One of the saddest parts of any WonderCon attendees’ day is the climactic last minute ushering of fanboys and fangirls out of the convention center doors. Out of nowhere, a jarring voice appears over the intercom telling the masses that the convention will be […]

When Scott Snyder Was Buzz Lightyear

Ray Brown writes for Bleeding Cool from WonderCon. When he can get there. Having attended the San Diego Comic Con every year for almost 30 years, yesterday the difference between the two was apparent. Wonder Con seemed to be basically what the San Diego Comic Con was 20 years ago – intimate, not too crowded, […]

Saturday Trending Topics: Batman, Captain Marvel, And Prometheus At #Wondercon

It was a busy Saturday for Wondercon news, with both DC and Marvel stories charting — not to mention Wondercon-related Prometheus tidbits and trailers, which completely swept the film side for the day. Expect more on these and others in just a few hours… Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Scott Snyder Changing The Game For Batman  […]

The X-Men Get Bedazzled

Quite a few eyebrows were raised last week when Marvel teased a new title called X-Treme X-Men, revealing no other info.  What puts the X-Treme in X-Men? Well, Dazzler, for one thing.  At WonderCon today, Marvel revealed that she would be one of the key characters of the title, along with alternate reality versions of […]

Meet The New Captain Marvel

Last week, Bleeding Cool told you that Kelly Sue DeConnick was to reinvent Carol Danvers as Marvel’s Captain Marvel.  Marvel has just confirmed this at WonderCon, revealing further details.  The ongoing series is written by DeConnick with art by Dexter Soy. Marvel also revealed covers for issues #1 and #2 of the series by Ed […]

The Edwardian Batman, By Bevis Musson

Recently we ran a small gallery of Batman 1459 images. Well, friend of Bleeding Cool Bevis Musson pointed us towards a few of his own designs. And with Vertigo launching The New Deadwardians, this seems the perfect time to display his Eduardian Batman designs, with his co-crime fighters, rogues’s gallery and firm friends from 1901 […]