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The Shadow Interview: Garth Ennis Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men

THE SHADOW is back, hitting stores and bad guys starting in April 2012. Garth Ennis (insert ten million awesome credentials here) is at the helm, and he answered a few of our questions on the upcoming project from Dynamite Entertainment.   BC: I’ve been told that you’re a longtime fan of THE SHADOW. Looking back […]

A Comic Show – Black On Black

[youtube][/youtube] Aaron from A Comic Shop in Florida flicking through Batman, Green Lantern Corps, Uncanny X-Force, Avenging Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Glory and Pigs… see anything you fancy?   Top Books BATMAN #6 SCOTT SNYDER gave us vertigo last issue and left the bat broken by Talon.”The Night of the Owls” is coming! B vs O […]

Jean-Marc Lofficier On The Consequences Of The Gary Friedrich Decision

Steve Bissette has requested that the post below, revised, should be spread near and far. Anything to oblige Steve. Readers may also want to check ALERT, ALL COMICS CREATORS [Reposting, for a necessary (requested) edit; reposting all comments, too, after this main post. Apologies.]: With permission, I’m quoting key points my dear friend and own […]

An Unkillable Emperor And An Unharmable Dan – Avatar In May

The latest edition of Previews is just around the bend, and we’re giving you a head start at looking at the March 2012 solicitation artwork for Avatar Press (corresponding to items shipping in May). Caligula Volume 1 Softcover Edition (Cover by Jacen Burrows) David Lapham and German Nobile’s tale of the infamous Roman emperor.  To […]

Speculator’s Corner – A Valentine’s Day Special

Nothing can quicken the heart than the prospect of making a quick flutter at the comic store, picking up the last few copies of a gem, then flipping them on eBay a few days later and making enough to pay for, well the rest of your comics that are now resting in the twenty five […]

Kapow – Where The Women At?

Last year’s Kapow comic convention in London was criticised when it came to their comic industry guests, for being all male. Before the show, they did add one female guest and one of the stores exhibiting at the convention brought in Melinda Gebbie for a signing, but the criticism was made, especially compared to the […]

Thoth Amon – The Bisexual Conan Baddie?

From the slightly NSFW preview of King Conan: The Phoenix Of The Sword #2, we see Thoth Amon, evil wizard created by Robert E Howard, in bed with a few young things varying in gender. Not in the original text, and some will take issue with yet another example of bisexuality equating being a baddie […]

Diamond Announces The Retailer Olympics

Living in London, it’s getting hard to ignore the fact that for two weeks this year, our lives will be incredibly disrupted by the Olympics. While the rest of the world looks in in awe and wonder, I’ll have to slog through an even-more-full-than-usual public transport system, probably with the kids in tow, just to […]

Radical Publishing Drops Out Of Free Comic Book Day

With Free Comic Book Day several weeks away, now it’s time to find out… the books you won’t be getting. We already know that, after a cease-and-desist and the compliance of Antarctic Press, it’s doubtful you’ll get betting the Free Comic Book Day version of Diary Of A Zombie Kid. However the book is still […]

Oni Press Joins Diamond’s Final Order Cutoff Club

The five premier publishers distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and IDW, all operate under the Final Order Cut Off, or FOC system. This means that retailers can make their final pretty-much-guaranteed orders for comics long after the deadline for other publishers,. This helps retailers order comics closer to the on […]

Tuesday Runaround: StanCon

ShirtWatch: Threadless launch a new Normalmanish T-shirt… BoomWatch: Boom are running a new teaser campaign for an upcoming comic labeled “You Are Illegal On This Earth”. AwardWatch: The French comics festoival Chamberry has announced a new annual comics award especially for Taiwanese artists. ValentineWatch: Two sides of a bad romance – Plastique and Captain Atom. […]

Monday Trending Topics: Neal Adams On Helping Gary Friedrich

From today’s must-read post about Gary Friedrich, by Neal Adams:  “Gary is a victim of the deficiencies of two very bad copyright laws, and the history in the comic book industry of poor practices on everybody’s part. There will be battles in the future, and good will come of them. But this is simply just […]

Mark Waid Kept Away From Justice League Doom Premiere

Justice League: Doom (or Justice League: Wood as some seem to see it) is a direct DVD/Blu Ray adaptation of Mark Waid and Howard Porter’s Tower of Babel story from JLA. Voiceover artist Phil LaMarr, who has played Green Lantern in many a Justice League Unlimited episode expressed his regret that he couldn’t be involved […]

A Very Womanthology Weekend

To help promote the upcoming Womanthology graphic anthology, Acme Comics of Greensboro, North Carolina will be running a bit of a moving signing this weekend. Starting at 11 am, they will have Ming Doyle (Fantastic Four #600), Janet Lee (Return Of The Dapper Men) and Chrisie Zullo (Cinderella) signing and sketching stuff, before the event […]

Snippets from ComicsPro Annual Meeting 2012

This past weekend, I attended the ComicsPro2012  Annual Meeting. As mentioned elsewhere on Bleeding Cool this past week, ComicsPro is an organization that ties together a few hundred retailers from across the USA and Canada, giving each retailer more of a unified voice in the industry and a platform to exchange ideas. The weekend was […]

Welcome To The Bullet Point Age Of Comics

Of late, Marvel seems to have moved their solicitations for upcoming comics to a bit of a bullet point approach. Such as; Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Brian Michael Bendis (W) • David Marquez (A) • The Police Have Miles Squarely In Their Sights! • Prowler Versus The Scorpion! • Is The Secret Of The New […]

Thony Silas To Draw Ends Of The Earth #1

Thony Silas is a Brazilian artist, best known in the US for cover and pin up work. He’ll be drawing a new Marvel book, Spider-Man: Ends Of The Earth, written by Dan Slott, to tie in with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man arc. You can see more of Tony’s work, pin up and panel-to-panel pencils on […]

Lying In The Gutters – 13th February 2012

Gary Friedrich, Tony Moore, Before Watchmen, there’s a lot of unrest going on in comics at the moment. Even Ken Penders’ case against Archie Comics may (or may not) be dismissed shortly. Whatever comic industry PR people’s plans for setting the agenda, everything can be knocked off course by a scandal, a well placed leak […]