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In One Week, In Two Weeks

Who would have thought posting the Diamond Comic Distrubutor shipping information before anyone else would be quite so popular? Here’s the definitive list for the 11th of January, followed by the provisional list of Premier publisher books for 18th of January. Those dates should be accurate for the UK as well, as normal shipping is […]

Free Savage Dragon #175 For All Graphic.Ly Readers

Sometimes it seems it’s all ComiXology, ComiXology, ComiXology. Well, Micah Balwin of Graphic.Ly has seen to it that people remember there are other digital comic book readers/distributors out there too. By arranging to give a free copy of Erik Larsen’s double sized Savage Dragon #75 to everyone with a Graphic.Ly login. I’m off to go […]

Ronald Searle Passes, Aged 91, Chiz Chiz.

Best known as the creator of the St Trinian’s cartoon which inspired two film franchises fifty-three years apart, and illustrator of the Molesworth books by Geoffrey Willans (recently seen making an appearance in League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century), Ronald Searle has passed away, aged 91, in France. He died on December 30th in a hospital […]

Detective Comics #5 Tops 100,000 In Sales, Scarecrow And Snakeskin To Come

At the beginning of 2011, I was rather down on Tony S Daniels as a creator. And then the DC Relaunch came along. And, as well as a Hawkman series lifted by rather impressive Philip Tan art, he also write and drew Detective Comics. Which opened with a blast, with the best cliffhanger of the […]

Swipe File: America’s Got Powers, Wildguard, Idolized And… Superboy?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about America’s Got Powers, the new Image comic from Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, about Tommy, the only one of his San Franciscan peers to be powerless. And who finds himself working in the stadium where all of the powered are competing on reality TV to be in the world’s […]

Marvel Takes Back Marketshare Lead From DC Comics In December 2011

In September, DC Comics took back marketshare from Marvel Comics. This gave DC the lead in both dollars spent and the number of comics bought in the North American direct market. And October and November only consolidated that position as market leader. In December, however, Marvel seem to have clawed some of that back. They […]

Tuesday Runaround – Psychoanalysing Catwoman #1 And The String Of Pearls

StageWatch: The Ballad Of Halo Jones? It’s a smash hit! LetterWatch: Nate Piekos breaks down lettering choices. PearlWatch: A psychoanalysis of Catwoman #1. Here she lies, holding aloft her trophy – the limp genitals of Gotham’s Dark Knight, spilling the last of their seed in a mocking imitation of the porn movie ‘cum shot’. The milky […]

Monday Trending Topics: Captain Cold

  A cold trend to start the new year. How appropriate.  But it looks like one of the earliest villians of the Silver Age (it doesn’t get too much more Silver Agey than Showcase 8) is making a relatively early debut in the New 52.   There’s quite a debate over this one in the […]

Amazon Gets Price Checked By The Comic Bug

Amazon has a Price Check App, allowing customers to scan the bar codes of items in stores and then buy them from Amazon there and then, rather than the retailer. Naturally, this is not popular with many shops. Well, Mike Wellman of The Comic Bug of Manhattan Beach, California is swiping back. And calling on […]

The New Free Single From Adam WarRock, 616

Adam WarRock has released the first single from his upcoming rap album  You Dare Call That Thing Human?!? out on February 13th. The single? Oh it’s called 616. Yes, that 616. It’s available for free digital download. If anyone wants to geekannodate it, feel free. Where is Jess Nevins when you need him? The radio edit […]

Lying In The Gutters – 2nd January 2012 – And All Of 2011

A special Lying In The Gutters this week, not only the top twenty posts of the week, but also the top twenty posts of the year… and a very obvious demonstration of how the long tail works in website hit counts. Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week 1. Amazing Spider-Man Building Blocks Confirm A […]

The New Look Captain Cold – And A Few New Characters For The DCU

Idle Hands, as part of their roundup of current DC comic books (and, really, they give Catwoman short shrift),run a couple of scans from what appears to be a DC New 52 promotion of sorts. Showing the new designs for Captain Cold (and he really will be cold without any sleeves), as well as a […]

Rob Liefeld To Write Deathstroke Series?

Coming through the industry gossip mills comes the news that Rob Liefeld, current solo writer/artist of Hawk And Dove, and artist of The Infinite, will also be writing the new 52 series Deathstroke. It’s a good source, but not one I’ve used before, so do bear that in mind. Deathstroke is currently written by Kyle […]

The Comic Book Artwork Of Douglas Bloodworth

We recently ran the work of Sharon Moody, and accusations that she was ripping comic book artists off with her work, as well as a strong defence of the art of appropriation. I think there will be an even stronger defence of the work of Douglas Bloodworth, who paints comics integrated into still life. Here […]

Amy E Genkins Gets In Touch Over Amanda Conner Watchmen 2 Artwork

I wasn’t sure whether or not the Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts Silk Spectre II piece we ran yesterday was from the Watchmen prequel mini-series rumoured to be published by DC Comics or not. I’m sure it is now, of course. Yours and my favourite DC legal representative, Amy E Genkins has been on the […]

America’s Got Powers – The New Bryan Hitch And Jonathan Ross Comic For 2012

Jonathan Ross has tweeted “Morning! New year and a new beginning! Am beyond excited to announce that Bryan Hitch and I are publishing new comic with Image this spring…America’s Got Powers” Full on superhero angst and action as Americas most gifted superpowered teen wannabes slug it out on tv for a place in the worlds […]