Frank Cho Mash Up of Avengers: Infinity War and Frozen 2 (SPOILERS)

Okay, okay this will need a spoiler warning sign. Not so much for Avengers: Infinity War because by now, come on. But for Frozen 2 which, you know, is only just out. So. Spoiler warning. Then we’ll go see what Frank Cho has drawn for you all.

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There we go. Another one of his black sketch cover works, sent over to Bleeding Cool at the speed of outrage. But no jokes about wheatcakes, nothing about buns in ovens, tight-fitting tops or the angle of dangles. Instead a mashup of two moving scenes from two of Disney’s biggest movies, one from Avengers: Infinity War and one from Frozen 2.

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Now, can anyone do a mashup of the summarisation skills of Olaf and Luis from the Ant-Man movies? I think they’d be a natural fit. Oh and while we’re doing Frozen parodies, here’s my latest take on British politics from the weekend…

Frank Cho Mashes Up Avengers: Infinity War and Frozen 2 (SPOILERS)

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