Let's Get Down to Business with New Mulan Funko Pop's

Mulan is an amazing and fantastic Disney classic. Originally airing in theaters in 1998 this film has been out for over 20 years. An amazing tale following Mulan as she enters the army undercover. She goes against the system to fight for what she believes in and in the end, she saves the day. Plus she even has a kick-ass sidekick Mushu voiced by the one and only Eddie Murphy. Relive this a Disney classic with new Funko Pop vinyl figures coming soon from Funko. There are five Pop vinyl characters in total getting released, one is a 10 inch and another is a Pop ride. First is the 10 inch which seemingly is the trendiest new style of Funko Pop's coming out this year. We will be getting a 10 inch Mushu with the Lucky Cricket. This is seemingly based on the old mold which is perfectly fine. Next, we will be looking at the Funko Pop rides which have Mulan on her horse Khan. It is pretty well designed with the horse in motion in Mulan on the back and it would make a great addition to any Disney fans collection. Now on to the three Funko Pop figures for stuff is Mulan herself in her disguise as Ping. I enjoy the model this character and its something we haven't seen from previous Funko Pops and with their technology now it's finally able to be made and correctly. Then we will have a new mold for Mushu with his gong that we see at the beginning of the movie. I do like the more dynamic vibes we have been getting from Funko Pops they make each one definitely something unique and special. And last but not least we will be getting a Li Shang with a sword in hand and are ready for battle. This is a fan-favorite character and I'm glad they turned him into his own Funko Pop. All of these Funko pops are perfect for any Disney collector or a fan of Mulan.

All of these Mulan Funko pops, including the Pop ride as well as the 10-inch Pop will all be released as common releases. That means that they are all up and available for pre-order and you can find that link located here. I hope we see more Funko's come out in the future like Ping/Mulans military comrades so we can really get down to business to defeat the Huns.

Coming Soon: Mulan—Pop! Disney and Pop! Rides
Go on an epic, courageous adventure to defeat the Huns, save China and the emperor and restore honor to everyone's family with your favorite characters from Disney's Mulan. Bring home Pop! Rides Mulan astride the magnificent Khan, Pop! Mulan disguised as Ping, Pop! Mushi with his gong, Pop! Li Shang and a 10" Pop! Mushu.

Let's Get down to Business with New Mulan Funko Pop's

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