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My Hero Academia Class 1A and Pro-Hero Funko Pops Arrive [Review]

“My Hero Academia” Class 1A and Pro-Hero Funko Pops Arrive [Review]

My Hero Academia Season 4 is back in business and better than ever. With no surprise, Funko has released another wave of yet amazing at My Hero Academia collectibles vinyl figures. This review is specially dedicated to all those unsung heroes in My Hero who can finally get their time to shine. First, we have […]

Funko Pops Perfect for Gamers This Holiday Season

Funko Pops Perfect for Gamers This Holiday Season

There will be multiple ones over the next couple of weeks all dedicated to a specific genre. This holiday guide is dedicated to all those gamers out there. This is the perfect holiday guide for some new collectibles out there and available now.  Starting easy and small is the perfect stocking stuffers for that perfect […]

Star Wars: Rebels Top 5 Collectibles in the System

Star Wars: Rebels the Best Collectibles in the System

Star Wars: The Rise Skywalker is only a month away. With that in mind I wanted to take the time and look back at all of the amazing Star Wars collectibles we have seen. I will be splitting up each movie and television show into their own retrospective article. Starting things off I wanted to give […]

Rick and Morty Get Season 4 Funko Pops Before Shows Premiere

Rick and Morty Get Season 4 Funko Pops Before Shows Premiere

Rick and Morty Season 4 is only days away from premiering. So the hype is finally upon us as we will finally be blessed with Season 4. To help celebrate Funko has announced new products from the upcoming season. Teleporting in first are two new Rick and Morty figures. The figures showcase Rick and Morty […]

To Me My X-Men with Marvel 80 Years Funko Pops [Review]

To Me, My X-Men, With Marvel 80 Years Funko Pops! [Review]

Funko has been releasing a lot of Marvel 80th-Anniversary Funko Pop! figures. These figures have been paying tribute to the past 80 years of Marvel with new sleek boxing as well as first appearance, pictures on the back. We have already seen X-Men members Iceman and Beast but this time we were able to get […]

Frozen 2 Brings the Storm with Huge Funko Release

Overwatch and Funko Bring Alive More Heroes the World Needs 

Overwatch is still bringing in a huge number of players every day. It is no surprise it is one of Blizzard’s top games and even has its own tournament. Being a fan of the franchise myself, I love the mythos and the character’s backgrounds and stories. Funko has announced another new wave of upcoming Overwatch […]

Frozen 2 Brings the Storm with Huge Funko Release

Marvel 80th Anniversary Getting More Funko Pops

Marvel 80th Anniversary is still here for a couple more months. It’s not surprising we are seeing more Marvel 80th collectibles coming out of it. Funko has recently announced more iconic Marvel superheroes and villains that will be making their first appearances in upcoming Funko Pop figures. First up we were getting two commons for […]

Let’s Jump into the past with Marvel Collector Corps 1939 Box [Unboxing]

Let’s Jump Into The Past With Marvel Collector Corps 1939 Box [Unboxing]

Marvel Collector Corps has been around for a while but it was exclusively picked up by Amazon. If you’ve been a subscriber since the beginning it’s been pretty easy to stay in the system but a lot of newer fans have trouble getting the box for themselves. The most recent box that came out in […]

Funko Pop Round Up - Batman, Spyro, and Tiger Woods?

Funko Pop Round Up – Batman, Spyro, and Tiger Woods?

Funko Pops have easily swept across the nation in the past few years. Originally starting as Wacky Wobblers they updated to a more defined and iconic bobble-head or vinyl figure. They gain series and franchises contracts constantly giving us a whole new set of Pop figures to collect. Recently, Funko Pop single figures have been […]

Haunted Mansion Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Funko

Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular rides in Disney Parks history. The fans of the property are ravenous, and collect whatever they can get their hands on. This is the 50th anniversary of the ride, and to help celebrate Disney and Funko are putting out a ton of new products, including new Pops, […]

Funko Shows Off Villains of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home'

Funko Shows Off Villains of ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Just a day after revealing their Avengers: Endgame products, Funko is continuing the MCU reveals this afternoon by revealing a bunch of Spider-Man: Far From Home products. Like Avengers, this wave will have Pops, Mystery Minis, pens, keychains, and plenty of exclusives. The sculpts on these villains are some of the best looking work they […]

Funko New York Toy Fair BTS

Funko New York Toy Fair Reveals: BTS Pops!

Funko has begun their biggest product reveal day of the year. The past few years the day before New York Toy Fair is when they announce a ridiculous amount of new product and lines, from Pops to Mystery Minis, Plush, and so much more. It is a lot. Have no fear however, we are here […]

Funko Candy Collage

Funko Introduces Pop Candy Line with Sour Patch Kids and Peeps Pops

Funko is introducing a new numbering for Pops under the banner of Candy. So, we now have Pops made of candy. I can’t say that this wasn’t expected, but like always, they surprised me with the two candies they are using to launch the line. Sour Patch Kids are awesome, and the Funko Pops look […]

Funko Scrubs Collage

Scrubs Funko Pops Hit Stores in January

Scrubs Funko Pops are coming soon. The show ran for eight seasons on NBC and that is all. During those eight seasons, Scubs was very slapstick and heavy with fantasy, endearing it to viewers. They were never afraid to get serious either, some of the best episodes had some real gut punch endings. Season 1 […]