#SquadGoalsDC: Tom Taylor Teases New Project at DC Comics… Could It Be Suicide Squad?

Last year, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston claimed that DC was planning to relaunch Suicide Squad with Brian Azzarello writing, and Wally West starring. But eight months later, with no Suicide Squad relaunch appearing, the structure of Heroes Crisis changed, Azzarello's relationship with DC changed by the Batpenis controversy, and Event Leviathan changing the status quo in the DC Universe, Rich revealed that plans had changed, and that a new Suicide Squad series would launch in 2020.

Now, on Twitter, writer Tom Taylor is teasing a new project with the hashtag #SquadGoals at DC Comics. Could this be the Suicide Squad relaunch in question? Or something else?

Thylacine, named after an extinct species of tiger, sometimes called a Tasmanian tiger, native to Taylor's neck of the woods. While Taylor didn't share any other details, we do now know that artist Bruno Redondo is involved as well.

As well as editor Andrea Shea.

And that's about it.

But perhaps we'll learn more tomorrow…

So what do you think? And who is Thylacine? If it is Suicide Squad, will Rich still be able to claim credit for getting this right when it's totally different than he predicted? Will he try anyway? Post your speculation in the comments.

#SquadGoals: Tom Taylor Teases New Project at DC Comics... Could It Be Suicide Squad?

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