"Star Trek Fleet Command" Surpasses $100 Million Lifetime Revenue

Scopely announced today that their mobile app, Star Trek Fleet Command, has officially surpassed $100 million in lifetime revenue for the game. What's more, the game managed to snag that amount in about eight months, surpassing many apps that have come before it in terms of revenue earned and time earned in. According to the stats they released, the game has been downloaded globally with 85% of players playing five out of seven days every week with over 4.7 million days played in the game. Over 100 million battles were played in just its first 10 days last year, with now over 1.5 billion lifetime battles fought. We have a couple of quotes from the announcement below, but that's a hell of an achievement for the Star Trek app.

"Star Trek Fleet Command" Surpasses $100 Million Lifetime Revenue

"Our goal with Star Trek™️ Fleet Command is to provide a game experience that players love, stay true to the Star Trek franchise, and offer the most aesthetically, narratively and mechanically immersive experience possible," said Steve Huff, VP of Product & GM at Scopely. "With over 195 million missions completed, 115 million hours played, and 1.2 billion alliance helpsgiven, we are thrilled by the response the game has received around the world."

Scopely Co-CEO Javier Ferreira added, "Our team spends years building our games, so it's hugely rewarding to have one of our products achieve the $100 million revenue milestone so quickly after launch. We take pride in seeing players consistently and passionately engage with our entire portfolio of games. At Scopely, we are dedicated to delivering highly-personalized experiences people can enjoy today and for years to come."

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