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“Pokémon GO” Reveals A New Latias & Latios Raid Weekend

Niantic revealed a new special raid weekend coming to Pokémon GO next week, giving you a chance to get your hands on Latias and Latios. The raid will run from January 24th-27th, nothing too major or in-depth for you to participate. Just a chance to jump into five-star raids and claim one or both as […]

Netmarble Announces "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" For 2020

Netmarble Announces “The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross” For 2020

Netmarble announced a new mobile game coming to their library in 2020 as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will be coming to iOS and Android. Pre-registration is already available on the App Store and Google Play which comes with in-game awards. Those rewards are a Meliodas in-game character, a costume, a weapon, 30 diamonds, 100k […]

"Call Of Duty: Mobile" Officially Launches Season 3

“Call Of Duty: Mobile” Officially Launches Season 3

Tencent and Activision have kicked off Season 3 in Call Of Duty: Mobile today, and with it comes a ton of new additions to keep you busy throughout it. It starts with a new multiplayer map called Scrapyard at launch with more on the way. There’s also new Limited-Time Game Modes, 20v20 Battle Royale, Rapid […]

Tilting Point Announces New Netflix Mobile Game "Narcos: Idle Cartel"

Tilting Point Announces New Netflix Mobile Game “Narcos: Idle Cartel”

This morning, Tilting Point, Gaumont, and Big Wolf Games announced a new mobile title based on the Netflix series Narcos called Narcos: Idle Cartel. The game will throw you into the middle of the show’s storyline, forcing you to decide whether to stay straight or delve into the crime world to survive. You will create, build, […]

Trade Evolution Is Being Added To Pokémon

Trade Evolution Is Being Added To “Pokémon GO”

Niantic has revealed that they will finally bring Trade Evolution to Pokémon GO, a staple feature that’s been in most of the Pokémon games. The company posted a message to fans headed into the weekend, letting them know of the impending addition. Along with the news that several creatures from the Unova Region would be […]

“PUBG Mobile” Offers Curry & Antetokounmpo A Competition Invitation

PUBG Mobile caught wind of Stephen Curry asking Giannis Antetokounmpo for his gamertag, and they want in on showing it off. Earlier this week, the two NBA stars were caught talking to each other, and some suspected Curry was tampering. Curry was forced to respond by letting people know he just wanted to get in a […]

HyperBeard's "Adorable Home" is A Relaxing New App

HyperBeard’s “Adorable Home” is A Relaxing New App

Looking for a cute new app to lose yourself in? Love Neko Atsume? You might want to consider Adorable Home. The game just launched, and it’s a cozy, heartwarming game that follows you and your partner, who have just moved into a new house. You have a white cat named Snow, and all you have […]

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Gets A New Year-Themed Update

“The King Of Fighters AllStar” Gets A New Year-Themed Update

This week, Netmarble revealed their 2020 Celebration update for The King Of Fighters AllStar, with New Year and Swimwear-themed fighters. But the biggest update to the game is that we’re getting a new fighter in Orochi, who debuted in The King Of Fighters ’97. The big bad boss from the game that basically everyone loathed […]

The Latest “PUBG Mobile” Update Kicks Open Season 11

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have officially kicked off Season 11 in PUBG Mobile, as Operation Tomorrow will start in the game on January 9th. The new update comes with both a new arena map called Town, and a new Domination mode. In that mode, players will be assigned to either the blue or red team […]

The Warriors Of The Sky Have Now Joined "Marvel Future Fight"

The Warriors Of The Sky Have Now Joined “Marvel Future Fight”

Netmarble will be adding in four new original characters into Marvel Future Fight this week as you now get the Warriors Of The Sky. Joining the game today are Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, and Shadow Shell. Each character has unique powers, as you can see from the artwork below. As well as different […]

"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" WIll Honor Dumbeldore This Month

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” Will Honor Dumbledore This Month

The legacy of Dumbledore will be front-and-center for the next set of events happening in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for the month of January. According to the devs at Niantic, this month you’ll have a chance to channel the wisdom, perseverance, and love that Albus Dumbledore embraced. Check out the list of events below, the […]

Hasbro Announces New Mobile Game "G.I. Joe: War On Cobra"

Hasbro Announces New Mobile Game “G.I. Joe: War On Cobra”

This morning, Hasbro along with D3 GO! and Emerald City Games announced a new mobile title on the way with G.I. Joe: War On Cobra. The game will take your favorite characters and more from the ’80s cartoon series, give them an updated look, and throw them into a PvP title. The game will have […]

"Pokémon GO" Gives Details To Adventure Sync Hatchathon

“Pokémon GO” Gives Details To Adventure Sync Hatchathon

Back on January 2nd, Niantic kicked off the Adventure Sync Hatchathon in Pokémon GO to ring in the new year with something cool to do. Granted, you’re running around in the cold while you do it, but you can snag some Stardust, Rare Candies, and a Unova Stone in the process. Here are details on […]

"Attack On Titan Tactics" Receives A Ton Of New Year's Content

“Attack On Titan Tactics” Receives A Ton Of New Year’s Content

This week, DeNA added a brand new update to Attack On Titan Tactics, giving you a bunch of New Year’s content for you to battle through. We have the full list for you below, which includes new missions, outfits, and other events you can take part in. But be quick as all of the content […]

“PUBG Mobile” Announces Open Registration For PMCO 2020

PUBG. Corp and Tencent have announced the official opening for registration for the PUBG Mobile PMCO 2020, with a prize pool worth $5 million. This year comes with a new a new tournament structure, which the company has provided players (and we have for you below). From today until Tuesday, January 21st, both amateur and […]

“Pokémon Masters” Launches A New Two Champions Story Event

DeNA is kicking off the new year in Pokémon Masters by launching a new story event for the next few weeks called “Two Champions”. Starting today and running until 9:59pm PT on January 19th, you’ll be dealing with two Dragon trainers in Cynthia (Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl) and Lance (Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue). You’ll also see a […]

Niantic Is Suing A Group Of Hackers Over "Pokémon GO" Cheats

“Pokémon GO” Reveals Full Events Happening In January 2020

The year may be ending, but Niantic are looking ahead in 2020. Today the company revealed the next set of events happening in Pokémon GO. Among them are a special research event, new encounters, and an Adventure Sync Hatchathon. You can read the full details below, including dates for them to kick off. January Team […]

"Overhit" Starts A "Heroes Of Incredible Tales" Crossover Today

“Overhit” Starts A “Heroes Of Incredible Tales” Crossover Today

Nexon announced a brand new addition to Overhit today, as the game will be doing a crossover with Heroes Of Incredible Tales (HIT). The crossover comes with an update that adds a number of features to the game. We have those additions for the event below, as the event will run until January 9th, 2020. […]

"Fire Emblem Heroes" Is Getting A New Year's Update

“Fire Emblem Heroes” Is Getting A New Year’s Update

Nintendo will be sending a new update to Fire Emblem Heroes as the mobile title will be getting some New Year’s content. The company released a new trailer last week for Renewed Spirit, which is an update that will drop on December 31st. In it, players will be getting several costume changes for their heroes […]

"Mario Kart Tour"

“Mario Kart Tour” Will Get A New Year’s Update On January 1st

Some cool news for Mario Kart Tour players as the game will be getting a new update on January 1st, 2020 to celebrate the new year. The New Year’s Tour will take you across familiar tracks, but will include some new designs with flair. Plus, Mario and Toad will be getting a few new skins […]