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Disruptor Beam Announces New FXX Mobile Game "Archer: Danger Phone"

Disruptor Beam Reveals New FXX Mobile Game “Archer: Danger Phone”

Fans of the FXX series Archer will be happy to know there’s a mobile game based on the show coming out called Archer: Danger Phone. The game is being developed by Disruptor Beam, who are basically taking all of the good things about the show from the humor to the running gags and mixing it […]

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“Marvel Strike Force” Brings The Marauders Into The Battle

The latest addition to the Marvel Strike Force roster comes in the form of The Marauders, as Mister Sinister, Stryfe, Mystique, and Sabertooth join in. The four make an awesome team as they will bring the hurt to whoever dares stand in their way. You can read more about their abilities below, as well as […]

"Minecraft Earth" is Available in Early Access on iOS and Android

“Minecraft Earth” is Available in Early Access on iOS and Android

Minecraft fans, get ready to jump into Minecraft Earth! The hotly-anticipated mobile game is now available in early access for both iOS and Android users in the US. The game was previously up for grabs across the UK, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Iceland. Now that it’s finally made its way to the US, legions […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives A New Team Deathmatch Mode Update

“PUBG Mobile” Receives A New Team Deathmatch Mode Update

PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games have introduced a brand new mode into PUBG Mobile, as players can now play Team Deathmatch. The 0.15.5 content update dropped on November 8th, adding the new mode as well as some bug fixes and more that you can read about below. Plus, on November 11th, players are also getting […]

“Pokémon Masters” Adds In Three New Chapters With More Callbacks

Pokémon Masters received three new chapters of content this week, as DeNA is pulling more references from past games into the mix. Starting with Calem and Espurr being added to the game, the first from Pokémon X & Y. You also can now snag Torchic as a Partner Pokémon, giving you an option beyond Pikachu […]

Nickelodeon Announces "SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off"

“SpongeBob Krusty Cook-Off” Opens Up Pre-Registration

Tilting Point, Nickelodeon, and Nukebox Studios announced that pre-registration is now open for SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off on mobile. Players can now head to Google Play or the App Store to unlock different platform exclusive bundles, depending on which one you own. We still don’t have an official release date yet, but it’s currently in beta testing […]

Team GO Rocket Leaders Officially Arrive In "Pokémon GO"

Team GO Rocket Leaders Officially Arrive In “Pokémon GO”

Fun news for Pokémon GO players as the Team GO Rocket event has launched where you now have to deal with some of their leaders. The event kicked off back on Thursday and will run until November 14yh, 2019, at 1pm PST. These will not be easy battles either, as the leaders take a lot […]

Niantic Shares New Details On Their Upcoming AR Platform

Niantic Shares New Details On Their Upcoming AR Platform

This week, Niantic revealed more details to their upcoming AR platform, and how it will shape games that they work on in the future. The company published a full blog entry showing off the improvements they’ve made to their own tech. It’s pretty cool to see what they’re working on to that AR works in […]

“Brown Dust” Is Being Given A Massive “Jump-Start” Update

The mobile game Brown Dust will be getting a brand new update, which will essentially be one of the biggest content patches to date. This update will include the new Jump-Start Quest system, as part of the “Jump-Start Festival” event. You’ll also be getting some new Six Devils Companions. Plus bug fixes and new features […]

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” Pushes Back An Event

Niantic announced this week that their next event, Stronger United Brilliant Event Part 1, is getting pushed back by a week. You can read a bit about it below as they made the announcement in a blog post. It appears it was done due to some technical issues specific to Android devices. Due to ongoing […]

Giveaway: “The Walking Dead” Pack For “PUBG Mobile”

Would you like to win a code to add The Walking Dead pack of add-ons to your PUBG Mobile account? All you need is a Twitter account. Tencent and PUBG Corp. have been kind enough to provide us a few codes for players to get these add-ons, which includes a Rick Grimes skin, a Daryl […]

"RuneScape On Mobile" Officially Enters Early Access

“RuneScape Mobile” Officially Enters Early Access

Jagex officially announced today that RuneScape Mobile would be going into Early Access for players to try out immediately. You can download the game right now on Google Play, meaning you need to be an Android user to try it out first. As a bonus, RuneScape members who jump into Early Access will be rewarded […]

“PUBG Mobile” Receives A New Anti-Cheat System

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have announced this week that they are taking further precautions against rampant cheating happening in PUBG Mobile. This week, both companies announced they have upgraded their anti-cheat system with new software and protocols. The system will watch over players and check their behavior against “a massive and ever-expanding library to cross-reference […]

Netmarble Adds Original Characters Into "Marvel Future Fight"

Netmarble Adds Original Characters Into “Marvel Future Fight”

Netmarble has added four new characters to Marvel Future Fight, but these four don’t harken from Marvel’s library, they are totally original additions. The characters are collectively known as the Warriors of the Sky, each bringing in their own special ability and persona to the fight. We have details of all four of them for […]

"AxE: Alliance Vs Empire" Receives Its Own Halloween Update

“AxE: Alliance Vs Empire” Receives Its Own Halloween Update

Nexon took some time this week to release a brand new Halloween update for their mobile game AxE: Alliance Vs Empire. We got the full details for you here as you’ll get a new dungeon, costumes, a special event, and a few new enhancements. You can download the update for AxE: Alliance Vs Empire today. […]

Square Enix Holds New Halloween Events In Two Mobile Games

Square Enix Holds New Halloween Events In Two Mobile Games

The folks over at Square Enix released a bunch of Halloween content this week, across their games Final Fantasy Brave Exivus and Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]. We got the details here for you below as you can get in on one until the end of Halloween, while the other will kick off on the 31st. […]

CCP & NetEase Announce "EVE Echoes" To Have An Open Beta

CCP & NetEase Announce “EVE Echoes” To Have An Open Beta

NetEase Games and CCP games announced this week that EVE Echoes will be getting an open beta, as well as being playable at EVE Vegas this weekend. If you’re not familiar with the game, this is basically a mobile version of EVE Online, giving iOS and Android players a chance to go mobile with their […]

DeNA's "Pokémon Masters" has Launched Globally on iOS and Android

“Pokémon Masters” Is Getting More Content From Previous Games

Those of you playing Pokémon Masters will be excited to learn there’s more content on the way, some of it from previous Pokémon games. DeNA announced they’re adding three new story chapters for players to explore, as well as Calem from Pokémon X & Y into the mix. We have all the new additions for […]

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Launches Today On Mobile

“The King Of Fighters AllStar” Launches Today On Mobile

This morning, Netmarble and SNK released their latest venture together as The King Of Fighters AllStar launches onto Google Play and the App Store. The game allows you to jump into the fight to become the tournament champion. Players will collect and train their favorite fighters from across the entirety of the franchise. You will have people […]


Gamevil Announces “NBA Now” For Mobile, Launching Today

A big day for mobile releases as Gamevil has launched a brand new NBA title onto iOS and Android as fans can play NBA Now today. The game puts you in the role of General Manager of one of the NBA teams, giving you the chance to customize your roster and take them to a […]