Frank Miller’s Superman: Year One Wouldn’t Be Black Label if DC Could Do it Again – And How to Hide An Imprint

At the Diamond Retailer Lunch yesterday, DC Comics representatives talked about the relabelling of the DC Comics titles. As well as shoving a fourth imprint name out there and one that I thought was lacking, the DC Graphic Novels For Young Adults label for what was formerly DC Ink.

Bleeding Cool has reported on how new DC President Pamela Lifford has a real disdain for imprints and the only ones allowed through are differentiated by their age suitability and nothing else, more like recommended reading ages rather than imprints with an editorial common thread.

In that regard, they also talked about how Black Label was for more mature reader comic books, outside of continuity. And that Superman: Year One by Frank Miller, John Romita and Danny Miki probably wouldn’t have been under Black Label if approved today,

Bleeding Cool previously ran the story that the series had had its Mature Readers Only label dropped after being solicited from DC Comics, after editorial dropped a few F, C and S-bombs. Unlike the likes of Batman Damned (which had its own issues, of course) it was felt that there wasn’t enough else to justify the warning so a few cuts were made. Similar happened to a slightly lesser extent to Batman: The Last Knight On Earth.

It may at least suggest publishing policy going forward. And create further distance between what it sees as mature books 18+ books and those suitable for 12-year-olds and over.

And the labels won’t be as prominent, as they are meant to be age guidelines rather than imprints, they will only be on bottom of the back cover of books…

DC Labels DC Labels DC Labels DC Labels DC Labels

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