DC Comics to Make More of Their Biggest Comics Returnable

Bleeding Cool has been reporting on DC Comics’ increased returnability of their launch comic books. There’s a lot more of it about right now but it generally entails retailers being able to order comics are a non-returnable direct market discount – but still get returnability. Enabling them to order less conservatively, order enough for potential […]

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Diamond’s Summer Retailer Best Practice Awards go to Dragon’s Lair, Space Cadets,

At yesterday’s Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Diamond awarded their Best Practice Awards for the Summer, to comic book retailers nominated or self-nominated for very specific categories. You can see the list of nominations with each category link below, before the winning entry in bold. Congratulations all. Best Free Comic Book Day Event […]

Marvel Zombies Respawn is a One-Shot For October, Series in 2020

Marvel Comics was originally going to announce Marvel Zombies Respawn at San Diego Comic-Con. But then a certain Walking Dead comic book came to an end, and they took advantage of an announcement opportunity. What’s coming in October from Philip Kennedy Johnson and Leonard Kirk though is a one-shot. However, at the Diamond Retailer Lunch earlier […]

MArvel Reveals More Immortal Variants Homaging Immortal Hulk #16

Marvel Reveals More Immortal Variants Homaging Immortal Hulk #16

At the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con Friday, retailers were treated to a look at two more Immoral Variants for comics coming out in September. Taking a cue from the wildly popular cover to Immortal Hulk #16, these variants show a gruesome transformation between the title character of the book’s two identities. For […]

Marvel Comics to Relaunch Deadpool With #1 in October

Marvel Comics Relaunch Deadpool With #1 in October

  In an earlier piece looking at the many Mary Jane-theme variant covers Marvel is running in October, alongside the new The Amazing Mary Jane comic book by Leah Williams and Carlos Gomez, this cover was one of a number shown off to retailers. Which suggests that the recently-cancelled Deadpool comic which saw its final […]

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel to Publish One-Shots Based on Future Fight Video Game Characters

At the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced a series of one-shot comic books based on the Marvel Future Fight video game. Called Marvel Future Fight Firsts, one-shots were announced for October for White Fox, Crescent & Io, and Luna Snow. Each one-shot will tell the origins of the characters who debuted […]

Marvel to Publish Official Prequel to Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker

Star Wars has a great reputation when comes to prequels, right? Anyway, that’s not stopping Marvel from publishing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Allegiance, a four-issue mini-series comic that is a direct prequel to the upcoming movie, Star Wars: Rise Of The Skywalker. Written by Ethan Sacks with art from Luke Ross, this Journey […]

Boom Studios Make Collections Returnable – Starting With Once & Future

Boom Studios took to the stage at the Diamond Retailer Lunch in San Diego Comic-Con will all manner of announcements for retailers. And they brought a couple of friends to talk about Once & Future, Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora. They met an enthusiastic retailer reception, and Kieron Gillen kept thanking the room for their […]

DC Goes All In on Reprints with 100-Page Giants, Dollar Comics, Facsimile Editions, Crisis Box Set

DC Goes All In on Reprints at SDCC Retailer Lunch, Didio Be Damned

It seems like it was just yesterday when DC Publisher Dan Didio decried the popularity of facsimile editions and other interest in DC’s back catalog, as he feels the publisher should be able to do a better job of pushing new stories to customers. Actually, it was just yesterday. Hmm. Nevertheless, DC is going all […]

Todd McFarlane's Batman From DC in May 2020 - But Only in Statue Form

Todd McFarlane’s Batman From DC in May 2020 – But Only in Statue Form

Once upon a time, before Spawn, before Spider-Man, before Hulk, before Spitfire & The Troubleshooters, Todd McFarlane drew Batman. Most prominently in the Batman: Year Three series. It may be thirty-odd years but DC Comics hasn’t forgotten. And in May 2020, their hundredth Black And White Batman Statue will be modelled on that Batman work […]

DC Villains Stage Hostile Takeover in November, With Acetate Covers

DC Villains Stage Hostile Takeover in November, Unleash Acetate Covers on Readers

DC’s Year of the Villain isn’t done unleashing gimmicky variant covers on the DC Universe just yet! Following the cardstock variants for Year of the Villain and Lex Luthor’s “offer,” DC is planning another line-wide event in November with Hostile Takeover. This won’t surprise you, but Bleeding Cool scooped the name of this event way […]

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Marvel Comics Teases December Event – A Burning Crown Of Flame?

Marvel Comics has teased their planned December event before. And at today’s Diamond Retailer Lunch, we got the same logos, laying out The War Of The Realms, The House and Powers Of X and Absolute Carnage with a big fat question mark logo for December. Pretty much like before. And then just before the slide […]

Valiant Announces New Rai Series for November, Previews Art and More at SDCC

Valiant Announces New Rai Series for November, More from SDCC Retailer Lunch

At the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment announced a new Rai series coming in November 2019. Emily Hecht and Robert Myers took the stage for Valiant to make their pitch to comic book retailers. They kicked things off with a look at the upcoming Bloodshot relaunch, hititng stores ahead of next […]