How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One (Spoilers)

Bleeding Cool reported over the weekend that Superman: Year One is meant to be in the same continuity as Dark Knight Returns and Batman Year One. But how will that affect the story, given that it is set at the beginning of Superman’s life? Well. It does a bit. Spoilers on, though only a little one. For Superman Year One that is, lots of spoilers for Dark Knight Returns.

A story by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley which saw a Superman in hock to the President Of the United States.

How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One

At least, while that suited Superman.

How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One

And dealing with a neoconny Ronald Reagan, with and without wig and make-up, potentially having extended his term of office.

How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One

But however you spin it, he works at the behest of the government, even if that means taking Batman down. Now in Superman Year One by Frank Miller, John Romita Jr and Danny Miki, you may have read in previews that Clark Kent joins up to join the navy. And in Book Two he does have a certain tumultuous time with authority. But he also puts his skills on the line, from sharp shooting to eternal stamina. And the armed forces take notice.

Something Martha Kent points out in the decidedly weird narrative aimed towards her.

How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One

Well, here’s the thing. In the comic Martha is the wet blanket, overcareful, mollycoddling, wishy-washy liberal, stopping her son from standing up for himself. While Jonathan Kent is the male, pragmatic, sensible voice, knowing sometimes the least pleasant option is the best option to stop things from getting worse. And it’s that attitude that directs Clark Kent to join the military.

In the context of the comic, Jonathan Kent is right and Martha Kent is wrong. And Clark knows best. But if you take into account Dark Knight Returns being in continuity…

How Dark Knight Returns Changes Superman Year One (Spoilers)Looks like Martha was right…

(W) Frank Miller (A/CA) Danny Miki, John Romita Jr
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