Superman: Year One and Event Leviathan Will Be Returnable

We mentioned that it looks as if Superman: Year One by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr has been defanged a little, dropping from a Mature Readers Only tag to a T+ tag. And the comic seems to be going through a few art changes.But if any retailers are worry about ordering such an $8 book in big numbers, sight unseen, don’t worry. If a retailer orders Superman: Year One at the same numbers that they did for The Batman Who Laughs #1 – DC Comics will make the book fully returnable. Now The Batman Who Laughs #1 sold over a quarter of a million for its first print, that works out at at over a hundred copies for each store part of Diamond’s direct market, which is usaully non-returnable. Wnd while there may be labour involved returning lots of copies, it’s the kind of security that every store should go for. Given how many copies customers could buy.

It does also diminish the chance of this ever being a collectable comic like Batman Damned was, even if Superman gets his cocok out in this too. But he won’t. It’s only T+ now…  Oh and Superman: Year One #2 will also be returnable in a similar fashionas well. More on that later.

From the burning world of Krypton to the bucolic fields of Kansas, the first chapter of SUPERMAN YEAR ONE tracks Clark Kent’s youth in Kansas, as he comes to terms with his strange powers and struggles to find his place in our world. DC BLACK LABEL is proud to present the definitive origin of Superman as rendered by the legendary comics creators Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.!

Superman Year One #1 is on FOC on May 20th with an on-sale date of June 19th.

And it’s not alone in being made returnable. Retailers who order Event Leviathan #1 at the same level as they did for Batman Damned #2, which has orders of over 150,000 will be able to make stripped cover returns. If it doesn’t sell, rip off the cover, and send it back to Diamond for full credit. Again, the time spent stripping covers aside, why would you not? Oh and DC will make #2 returnable as well…

The inventive team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev (Jinxworld’s SCARLET, Marvel’s Daredevil) reunite on a mystery thriller that stretches across the DC Universe and touches every character from Batman to Superman to the Question to Talia al Ghul. With startling ease, a newly dangerous and aggressive Leviathan wipes out all its competition and now turns its sights to molding the world into its vision of order. Can the new threat’s growth be stopped…and who’s guiding its new agents of chaos?

Event Leviathan #1 is also on FOC on May 20th with an on-sale date of June 12th.

Superman: Year One and Event Leviathan Will Be Returnable

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