Review - Marvel: Fearless And Fantastic!

Review – Marvel: Fearless And Fantastic!

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DK Books continue to add to their collection of Marvel tomes as they recently published Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save The World. The book is meant to be a look at all of the women heroes who make up the Marvel universe, specifically in the comics and not so much the MCU. We received a copy to check out and here’s what we thought for our review.

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The book has a couple of different things going for it, but the primary focus that shines is that it’s meant to be an introduction to characters you both already know and ones you’re not familiar with. The company has a rich history of having women in key roles throughout Marvel’s history, some good and some not so good. Some of it absolutely embarrassing. But what this book does is show you where all of the women currently in the Marvel universe are, where they came from, what they do, and how they have an impact on the world they live in.

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The book is divided into four sections with characters they feel best to represent those areas. Each comes with their own mini-bio and a picture to show off who they are. They are Determined, Daring, Compassionate, and Curious. The Daring section will show you names like Captain Marvel, Storm, Jubilee, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, Hellcat, Maria Hill and more. These are the women who lead and have a purpose in the world when it comes to their powers or their roles. The Daring section gets more of your always-moving action figures like Wasp, Gamora, Peggy Carter, Quake, Rogue, Mockingbird, Ayo, and others.

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The Compassionate field is headed up by some of the more entertaining and flashy members such as Squirrel Girl, Jean Grey, Mantis, Medusa, Firebird, Pepper Potts, Singularity and others. Finally, the Curious section appears to be those who look for trouble and find it, even if they didn’t need it. You get a lot of the heroes who didn’t want to be heroes in this section, like She-Hulk, Moon Girl, Echo, Ironheart, Dazzler, Shuri, Kitty Pryde, Scarlet Witch and more. After that, the book ends with a glossary and some acknowledgments.

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The book does an amazing job of putting the best of the best out there and mixing it up so you have names you immediately recognize and can identify with while giving you women you may never have heard about and presenting them to you in a way that informs you and gets you intrigued to go check out a comic with them in it. There’s some amazing artwork throughout this book as you get classic pages, profile shots, action poses, and some of them just being badass or mysterious. The book does have some omissions that are interesting, such as the fact there’s no Mystique, no Phoenix, no White Queen. In fact, a lot of the women who have been X-Men or affiliated with them are not here. And while this is a book about superheroes, no much in the form of villainy is here to balance it out, as there are some amazing like Sin, Lady Deathstrike, Nebula, Felicia Hardy, Death, Hela, and more.

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Now I’ve spoken a lot to the contents, but the real test of this book wasn’t just me reading it and giving you my opinion. I ultimately gave this book to someone I thought should have it, which was the 14-year-old daughter of one of my best friends, who I gave it to shortly before Avengers: Endgame hit theaters. She was pretty stoked to see something like this and immediately dove off to a couch while the adults were hanging out to consume every bit of knowledge and ask her mom about certain characters. And I believe that speaks far more volumes about the book than any review I could write for it. This book struck a chord with a young woman who is occasionally a comic book reader, and she instantly wanted to know why a hero named Squirrel Girl wasn’t in the movie, but a talking raccoon was. That made me smile.

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Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save The World is a hell of a long title for a book that does a lot of good to promote women superheroes in the Marvel universe. If you got a girl getting into comics, this is a wonderful companion piece, especially since it’s one f the cheaper DK books out there at $20. Well worth the time to check it out, but also be aware, it’s not as in-depth as other DK Books made for Marvel, it’s more of an introduction book than a history lesson.

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