Finally DC Comics Updates Their Executive Masthead- We Compare It to the Old One

Earlier this year, DC Comics made a bunch of executives redundant, including most notably Senior Art Director Mark Chiarello, VP Sales John Cunningham, VP Consumer Marketing Eddie Scanell and VP Bill Morrison. Today, finally, they updated their indicia in the printec comics to reflect this. So we get to compare and contrast.

Here's the new lineup.

  • BOB HARRAS Senior VP — Editor-in-Chief, DC Comics
  • PAT McCALLUM Executive Editor, DC Comics
  • DAN DiDIO Publisher
  • JIM LEE Publisher & Chief Creative Officer
  • BOBBIE CHASE VP — New Publishing Initiatives and Talent Development
  • DON FALLETTI VP — Manufacturing Operations and Workflow Management
  • LAWRENCE GANEM VP —Talent Services
  • ALISON GILL Senior VP — Manufacturing and Operation
  • HANK KANALZ Senior VP — Publishing Strategy and Support Services
  • DAN MIRON VP — Publishing Operations
  • NICK J. NAPOLITANO VP — Manufacturing Administration and Design
  • MICHELE R. WELLS VP and Executive Editor Young Reader

And here's what was running last week:

  • BOB HARRAS Senior VP — Editor-in-Chief, DC Comics
  • PAT McCALLUM Executive Editor, DC Comics
  • DAN DiDIO Publisher
  • JIM LEE Publisher & Chief Creative Officer
  • AMIT DESAI Executive VP — Business & Marketing Strategy, Direct to Consumer & Global Franchise Management
  • BOBBIE CHASE VP & Executive Editor, Young Reader & Talent Development
  • MARK CHIARELLO Senior VP — Art, Design & Collected Editions
  • JOHN CUNNINGHAM Senior VP — Sales & Trade Marketing
  • BRIAR DARDEN VP — Business Affairs
  • ANNE DePIES Senior VP — Business Strategy, Finance & Administration
  • DON FALLETTI VP — Manufacturing Operations
  • LAWRENCE GANEM VP — Editorial Administration & Talent Relations
  • ALISON GILL Senior VP — Manufacturing & Operations
  • JASON GREENBERG VP — Business Strategy & Finance
  • HANK KANALZ Senior VP — Editorial Strategy & Administration
  • JAY KOGAN Senior VP — Legal Affairs
  • NICK J NAPOLITANO VP — Manufacturing Administration
  • LISETTE OSTERLOH VP — Digital Marketing & Events
  • EDDIE SCANNELL VP — Consumer Marketing
  • COURTNEY SIMMONS Senior VP — Publicity & Communications
  • JIM (SKI) SOKOLOWSKI VP — Comic Book Specialty Sales & Trade Marketing
  • NANCY SPEARS VP — Mass, Book, Digital Sales & Trade Marketing
  • MICHELE R. WELLS VP — Content Strategy

Some changes will be down to priorities, Some people have been promoted. Some people have been made redundant. Some people have been moved.

Don Falletti has had Workflow Management added to his Manufacturing Operations remit. Lawrence Ganem has had Editorial Administration taken away and Talent Relations changed to Talent Services. Hank Kanalz has had Editorial Strategy & Administration changed to Publishing Strategy and Support Services. Nick J Napolitano has had Design added to Manufacturing Administration. Michele R Wells has shifted from VP Content Strategy to VP and Executive Editor Young Reader. And Nancy Spears who was VP – Sales is now VP Content Strategy.

Dan Miron who was Vice President, Sales Planning & Trade Development didn't make the indicia grade before but is now there as VP- Publishing Operations.

But dropped from the indicia as well, as the ones we know are Amit Desai, Jim (Ski) Sokolowski, Courtney Simmons, Lisette Osterloh, Jay Kogan, Jason Greenberg, Anne DePies and Briar Darden… of them there is no sign. We understand that Ski was demoted… as for the others? We'll see what we can find out.


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