Games Workshop Pre-Orders: Chaos Havocs and Terminators

March has been a pretty big month for Chaos releases from Games Workshop, with new models crammed into Shadowspear, a new Abaddon the Despoiler model, and brand new Chaos Space Marines due to hit stores by the end of the month!

Now, GW has teased two new Chaos releases, which will probably be up for pre-order in about a week!

Chaos Havocs

//Credit: Games Workshop

This kit will allow you to build 5 Havocs, armed with an array of heavy weaponry. Inside, you’ll find 2 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters, 2 lascannons, 2 autocannons and 1 reaper chaincannon, giving you loads of choice when kitting out your squads. What’s more, all of these heavy weapons are designed to be compatible with the Chaos Space Marines kit, meaning you’ll be able to use your spares to up-gun your chosen squads! A choice of heads, accessories, shoulder pads and more allow you to customise your Havocs even further.

Alright, that’s pretty cool, right? And being able to upgrade regular squads with your leftovers is a nice touch. Here’s a look at the sprue, if you want to see all the goodies that are headed your way!

//Credit: Games Workshop

Chaos Space Marine Terminators

//Credit: Games Workshop

These new Terminators are better armed than ever before, with the kit featuring an arsenal of melee and ranged weapons. There are few foes who’ll be able to stand against a tooled-up squad of Chaos Terminators…

That’s a whole lot of hard-hitting badness packed into one box! There’s a lot of versatility in the kit, too, and you should be able to field any Traitor Legion your heart desires!

//Credit: Games Workshop
//Credit: Games Workshop

This is just the tip of the Chaos iceberg, too. These two new boxed sets should be available for pre-order at your local game store by the end of the month, and will probably hit shelves by early to mid-April 2019!

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