Corvus Belli Unleashes March New Releases for Infinity

Corvus Belli has the rare distinction of having one of the best table-top skirmish games on the market that most people don’t know about. If you love table-top games, do yourself a favor and check out Infinity now! It’s a fast-paced science fiction skirmish game that features some of the most beautifully sculpted miniatures on the market. And you can even get the rules for free.

Credit:// Corvus Belli

Infinity’s March releases were just teased by Corvus Belli, let’s take a look at all of the awesome that’s about to hit our gaming tables!

The Panoceania faction kicks things off with this new Zulu Cobra Hacker:

Credit:// Corvus Belli

Zulu Cobra troopers are specially trained for combat in jungle and amphibian conditions, where this hacker is sure to mess up any TAGS or Heavy Armor troopers that get in her sites!

The Yu Jing faction gets this awesome Hâidào Special Support Group trooper, equipped with a multi-sniper rifle:

Credit:// Corvus Belli

Ariadna players will see the addition of a Frontoviks battallian, armed to the teeth with special weapons:

Credit:// Corvus Belli

The Frontoviks are hardened soldiers who have faced the full-blown violence of the front, truly trustworthy operatives who have served in hell and carry out missions of special interest or relevance.

Mercenary commanders will be able to reinforce their ranks with this new Brawlers box, which is certain to see some play with Ikari Company players!

Credit:// Corvus Belli

Finally, Nomads players will be able to field Perseus, a living, breathing clone of the demi-god from Greek myth. Perseus has pledged his sword to the Nomad faction:

Credit:// Corvus Belli

All of these Infinity models from Corvus Belli are up for pre-order now, and your local game store should be able to make sure you get the models you want.

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