Final Fantasy VII will Release on Switch and Xbox One Next Month

credit// Square Enix

The wait is nearly over, folks!

Okay, so it isn't the Final Fantasy VII Remake we've all been waiting for since E3 2015, but a version of FFVII is at least releasing this year. This version of the game is the one you can pick up on nearly every current generation platform imaginable: PS4, PC, and even mobile. Next month, however, Final Fantasy VII is releasing on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, so you'll be able to play FFVII on your platform of choice very soon.

If you've never played Final Fantasy VII before, I'd absolutely recommend picking up the mobile or Switch versions. Being able to play FFVII anywhere is the kind of thing many gamers would have killed for over 20 years ago, and now we have the technology. So may as well take advantage. For many gamers, FFVII is the definitive game in the Final Fantasy series. Despite the turnbased combat, polygon graphics, and weird cross-dressing scenes, Final Fantasy VII is the game that proved the series could be more than your average JRPG. If you can believe it, the turnbased gameplay, graphics, and story were groundbreaking when it released in 1997.

The new version being released on Switch and Xbox will feature high-definition graphics and some modern features like auto-save, enemy encounter options, and more.

Final Fantasy VII will release on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on march 26, 2019.

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