Hulk #377 in Big Back Issue Demand After Avengers Endgame Visual ‘Leak’

It looks like a badly Photoshopped promotional piece. And that’s probably because it is.

But that image of the Hulk had to have come from somewhere.

Enough people see it as evidence that Avengers: Endgame will see a merged Hulk/Bruce Banner character, known in the comics as Professor Hulk.

That’s the character who emerged after Doc Samson successfully merged the three most prominent personalities of Doctor Banner, expressed as Bruce Banner, the Hulk and Mr Fixit in the classic Incredible Hulk #377 by Peter David, Dale Keown, Bob McLeod, Joe Rosen, Glynis Oliver and Bobbie Chase.

With his first appearance in the final frame like this.

Later consolidating to look more like this. Of course, it couldn’t last. But it may suggest a direction of Avengers Endgame…

Now Hulk #377 had a relatively high print run, and multiple printings. And became one of those books where the later printings were regarded as more valuable that the original, thanks to some fun use of luminous covers.

And the prices are starting to rise again as speculators start to hoover up every copy on the market. In open auction a first raw printing just jumped to almost $40, after selling from $1 to $15 in recent months. You should still be able to find copies at that price if you look…

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