DC Comics Runs Variant Covers Alongside Standard Covers in Previews Now

Long-standing Bleeding Cool readers have learned to enjoy the DC Comic Covers Revealed articles every week and tell me which ones I got wrong. As DC Comics post variant covers in time (mostly) for retailers to amend their Final Order Cut-Off numbers for a title, and certain artists such as Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Josh Middleton and Frank Cho have proved to really help DC push those numbers in that final week.

But for April, as the leaked DC solicits reveal, it seems that DC Comics will now be listing as many of their variant covers as they can alongside the standard covers.

So if you want to see Artgerm’s Catwoman, you can do so much sooner…and not have to wait for Bleeding Cool to catch up. Now we still have some of February’s and March’s to go but then…that’s it. Still, for April, while we still have them in advance (and I’m sure DC will block up this leak for May)…

Flash #68 by Mitch Gerads.

Detective Comics #1002 by Mark Brooks.

Detective Comics #1001 by David Finch.

Catwoman #10 by Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau.

Batman Who Laughs #4 by Kaare Andrews.

Batman Beyond #31 by Ben Oliver.

Batman #69 by Francesco Mattina.

Batman #68 by Francesco Mattina.

Batgirl #34 by Joshua Middleton.

Aquaman #47 by Joshua Middleton.

Action Comics #1010 by Francis Manapul.

Teen Titans #9 by Mico Suayan.

Deathstroke #42 by Francesco Mattina.

Young Justice #4 by Dan Mora.

Wonder Woman #69 by David Finch.

Wonder Woman #68 by Kaare Andrews.

Supergirl #29 by Amanda Conner.

Shazam #5 by Rafael Albuquerque.

Scooby Apocalypse #36 by Mirka Andolfo.

Red Hood: Outlaw #33 by Lucio Parillo.

Nightwing #39 by Yasmin Putri.

Justice League Odyssey #8 by Tony Infanti.

Justice League Dark #10 by Clayton Crain.

Justice League #22 by Leinil Yu.

Justice League #21 by Jae Lee.

Hawkman #11 by Julian Tedesco.

Harley Quinn #60 by Frank Cho.

The Green Lantern #6 by Lucio Parillo.

Flash #69 by Mitch Gerads.

Teen Titans #36 by Francis Manapul.

Superman #10 by Adam Hughes.

Heroes In Crisis #8 by Ryan Sook.

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