Leaked Heroes In Crisis #8 Cover and Solicit Reveal Much…

As leaked by friend-of-Bleeding Cool, Tako, here’s the cover to Heroes In Crisis #8, due to be revealed in DC Comics’ April solicitations next week.

Along with the solicitation copy,

You’ve seen all the clues. You’ve heard the testimony and eavesdropped on the secret confessions of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Now, with the killer revealed, it’s time to find out why.  Rifts will form between old allies, and the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman will have their leadership challenged and will question their own judgment.  Sanctuary has become something they never imagined…and it’s still potentially carrying on without them.

The cover features Wally West, his current love interest and Pre-52 wife Linda Park, and his Pre-52 son Jai and daughter Irey. Bloodstained sheets, Sanctuary masks and the crows seen through the series, circling in the distance. Which is making our earlier reported rumours about how the series would begin seem more and more pertinent… and possibly far more spoilery than ever.

Here is a selection of more upcoming art for the series…

….with Heroes In Crisis spelt out by Clay Mann across the page by objects in situ.

And a look at The Shining Knight. Who, in this portrayal appears to be expressing more of a physically female identity, that the intersex character has in the past.

And more covers to come…


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