Games Workshop Released the Most Hilarious Dice Ever (REVIEW)

The full range of Gloomspite Gitz has just hit retailers from Games Workshop, and there's a little treat in the new product line: The Squig Dice:

credit// Games Workshop


Sure, they look just like normal Age of Sigmar dice, with unique faction specific markings instead of pips. They look cool, and fit the theme of the army nicely. But $30 seems a little steep for 20 dice, so what makes these so special? Well, we opened some up, and found out for ourselves.

credit// Games Workshop

The Squig Dice set is made of rubber. Not the hard, rigid stuff like tires are made of, more like soft, squishy, bouncy-ball stuff. And seriously, they are the most ridiculous dice ever. We tried rolling a handful of them, and they bounced all over the table top, which would have caused a lot of devastation if, say, an army of finely painted miniatures had been out on the table. You have to try and control your roll a little, or the weird little things will fly off in some random direction.

We're pretty sure you'll spend more time looking for lost dice than actually playing with them, but they are incredibly entertaining to game with. One of our testers ran several trial combat rolls with them, and the dice ran riot. Another tester took to bouncing the dice off of the floor as hard as possible, and the dice ricocheted against the wall and nearly hit the ceiling.

credit// Games Workshop

The best way to describe the way these dice behave? Well, they act kind of like squigs, strangely enough. They are erratic, bounce all over the place, and never quite go where you expect them to. They are the only dice we've ever experienced that you could throw at your opponent without fear of wounding them. They are also temptingly chewy, though, so try and resist putting them in your mouth, because they don't taste all that great.

Are GW's Squig Dice necessary to play a game with the new Gloomspite Gitz? Absolutely not! But if you've got a little extra cash laying about, and want some silly-as-hell dice to game with, give them a shot.

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