More Sneaky Grotz Teased by Games Workshop

We thought Games Workshop was done making us lose our collective cool their Gloomspite Gitz announcement, and then they go and get us all worked up again with these preview images! Even more sneaky grotty gitz are on their way in January, and GW seriously saved the best for this update!

Courtesy Games Workshop

First up is the Gobbapalooza, a group of “wize grots” who have been altering their minds with fungal experiments. Each one has unique powers, and every single freaking one of these guys looks amazing.

A group of five Grots, the Gobbapalooza includes a Shroomancer, Spiker, Boggleye, Scaremonger and Brewgit.  This set of fungus-mad models is a firm favourite in the office (Boggleye is even taking a turn at being the Warhammer Community mascot).

There’s a fresh new hero for Grot players, and he looks like he’s equally adept at stabbin’ and slayin’:

Courtesy Games Workshop

 This moon-headed hero is the leader your Grot Stabbas need to keep them, er, stabbing at maximum efficiency. He’s not bad at fighting, with his moon-slicer either! Aaand, he looks just like the Grot on the cover of the Battletome.

He also has a mushroom that looks like a demented muppet, so he’s 100% win in our book.

Next up are the Sneaky Snufflers, a crew of gitz with specially trained Snufflesquigs:

Courtesy Games Workshop

These curious Squigs are the first to scent the growing looncap mushrooms that herald the Bad Moon’s arrival, and on the battlefield, the looncaps they harvest can intoxicate even the lowliest Moonclan warriors into fearsome fighters… though it might cost them their lives. Not only are they handy in a fight, but they’re also glorious sucker-snouted beauties, adding even more flavour to the Squig family.

And if you thought gitz riding on giant, rampaging squigs was a thing of the past, you were dead wrong:

Courtesy Games Workshop

This glorious kit not only makes the infamous multi-Grot-Squig-rodeo-insanity that is the classic Mangler Squig (for those new to this lunacy, it’s two massive Squigs chained together and ridden into battle by a clutch of surely-doomed Grots), but you can also build it with a hero riding on top.

Rounding up the new Grotz release are some new Rockgutt Troggoths!

Courtesy Games Workshop

 These towering creatures of muscle and stone are said to have crawled from the bowels of the earth, and looking at them it’s easy to believe. A three-model kit, these pot-bellied, rock-skinned brutes are a gorgeous re-imagining of a Warhammer classic as a plastic kit loaded with spares for you to customise your Troggherd!

Oh, wait! There’s one more, and it’s the beautifully monstrous Dankhold Troggoth!

Courtesy Games Workshop

Antisocial and reclusive, these behemoths dwell in the darkest… well, dankholds, where they slumber away the decades, awakening only to feast on the magical fungi that grow upon the realmstone deposits in the roots of the Mortal Realms. Such raw magic doesn’t kill the Dankhold Troggoths as it would lesser creatures, but instead mutates them into the vast, lumbering monsters you see here. This gigantic plastic kit comes loaded with spare bits, enabling you to make a boulder club-wielding Dankhold Troggoth with a variety of alternatives. We’ll be showing you each in detail in the near furture.

The Bad Moon will be gracing us all with these new Grotz models in January, and you can pre-order them now at your local GW stockist or games store!

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