Blizzard’s Twitch Chat Will Soon Require Linking to Chat

Blizzard appears to be taking a step toward controlling their own chat system on Twitch by testing out a new system of accountability. According to DotEsports, the company is testing out a system where they will require anyone wishing to use their chat to link their Twitch account to their account. The move will begin with the Overwatch Contenders quarterfinals and will run until January 12th. If successful, the system may be incorporated into all broadcasts moving forward. The move was clearly done to cut down on toxic behavior and to help weed out those in the community who continue to do so.

However, the move isn’t without critics, as Nicole Carpenter from DotEsports pointed ou ton Twitter. There’s a fine line between observation and documentation, and a system this severe brings into question what else Blizzard might do with the information they’re gathering on their player’s Twitch accounts. Not to mention the fact that this only curbs the problem for Blizzard’s feeds and doesn’t address toxicity on Twitch altogether.

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