Panda Global is Making an Esports GameCube Deck for the Switch

You had to know that when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, there would be people in the esports community who wanted a GameCube controller. And while there are licensed options around, apparently some people are so desperate to work with the original GameCube controllers they’ve owned for years. To the point where esports team Panda Global is going out of their way to make a controller adapter for the Nintendo Switch. The group posted this video earlier today showing off the design they have in the works for the unit.

As far as we can tell, there’s no port to post the Switch on a TV, which means you’re stuck playing it as-is on the device with the Switch’s monitor. A price you’ll have to pay (along with the $45 asking price) if playing with the original controller is that much of a necessity for you. But they do promise it won’t brick your console, so there’s a bonus to that. From our viewpoint, there’s a few different companies making modern GameCube controllers that will plug into the Switch’s USB port, that weigh and feel exactly like the original. And they’re cheaper than $45. But I guess if you’re that obsessed with playing on a 17-year-old controller, you’ll do anything to keep playing on it, and Panda Global knows it.

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