Valiant Leaks Classified White Board with Clues for Next 12 Months of Plans

Earlier this month, Valiant Entertainment launched a new campaign of teasers for their 2019 publishing plans, hashtagged #ValiantClassified, and promising to declassify new information in the near future. Today, Valiant followed up by posting a photo of a white board from the Valiant offices which they claim contains more than 45 clues about what Valiant has planned in the next year, which means that they either do all of their planning on a highly cryptic whiteboard that the editors and creative teams have to decipher to get their work done, or someone put a lot of effort into filling up a whiteboard with secrets just for this social media post.

Either way you look at it, it’s an impressive feat, but we prefer to believe this is how Valiant really works because it’s more fun that way.

Do you have what it takes to decipher them? Valiant says there might be rewards if you can, but that’s a lot for any one person to figure out on their own. So probably the best option is for all of you to work out the clues in the comments, and then I can gather them all together and collect the reward for myself.

No? Well, it was worth a shot.

You should have fun with it anyway. How many Valiant clues can you declassify? Click to open the image at full size.

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