Esports Arena Now Launching Venues Inside Walmart Locations

You know esports has officially become a part of the culture when you walk into a public space or business and its the norm. Case in point: Esports Arena has officially started putting in tournament venue locations inside Walmart in a new partnership between the two companies. Three locations have been launched so far with their locations being Roseville, California; Spokane Valley, Washington; and Colorado Springs, Colorado. People have already started sharing pics from the locations.

The locations aren’t necessarily open to the public to play, more to watch specific gaming nights and events where teams in the league who live in that area can compete in front of a live audience who may be passing through to snag a couple of items. And, of course, they’re cleverly places near the electronics section in case you get the urge to spend money after watching it in action. It doesn’t look like the locations have locked-down times for tournaments at each location yet, but we’re sure that will get changed once Esports League gets the ball rolling on these and a few other locations.

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