Here’s What Finally Happened With the Cubes in Fortnite

After the last major event in Fortnite saw a rocket shoot up to space and eventually cracked the sky open, people were curious about what would happen this time around. The reality of the situation is… a whole lot of nothing. Well, not totally nothing, some things happened. but there were life-altering events in the game. First off, as you can see from the video someone recorded of the entire event below, we got some wacky visuals that really didn’t lead to anything they were involved with. The cube charges up, a flash of light happens, and then everyone is transported to what looks like a technical version of heaven.

credit//Epic Games

When people got there, a butterfly formed, flew around you, touched you, and then you were sent back to the game. The floating island is now gone. Loot Lake, later changed to Leaky Lake, is now a sort of weird garden area with a poorly constructed rock garden in the middle. That’s it. All that buildup over two seasons of Fortnite for a garden surrounded by water. Somewhere in California, there’s a dev team laughing their asses off over drinks you bought them. Enjoy!

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