GOG.com Posts Another Poorly Chosen Tweet, Then Retracts

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The Twitter account for GOG.com is under fire again for making another poor choice in posting before retracting their message shortly after. This week, after news came out that the Trump administration would attempt to go after transgender rights and force gender to be either male or female at birth, the hashtag #WontBeErased started gaining national exposure. So what do you do at a time when the nation is pissed, afraid, and hurting? Try to make sales off of it, of course! At least, that’s what the social media team at GOG thought as they posted this “classy” message yesterday.

The tweet quickly got heat and hatred, followed by a speedy deletion. The company quickly posted a retraction tweet that said “Yesterday, we posted a tweet containing a trending hashtag as a pun. The tweet was neither intended as a malicious attack, nor as a comment to the ongoing social debate. GOG should focus only on games. We acknowledge that and we commit to it.” Reddit is already on fire pointing out that this isn’t the first time their social media has screwed up in the worst way possible when it comes to topics and using different things happening in society to get a sale going. We’re just curious when they’ll finally take access away from the person making these choices.

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