GOG is Giving Away SOMA for Free This Weekend

This seems to be the weekend for free stuff, and the latest on the block is another awesome indie title with Frictional Games’ SOMA. Until 6am tomorrow (December 30th), you can pick up the game on GOG.com absolutely free. If you’ve never played SOMA, it’s one of the best horror story games you’ll experience as it has […]

Bethesda, Atari, SNK, and Star Wars Games Hit the GOG Winter Sale

New games have hit GOG’s winter sale this weekend, with late entries from Bethesda, Atari, SNK, and the various Star Wars franchises. All of the games in GOG’s winter sale are up to 90% off until the sale ends in just under 3 days. The new entries include Fallout Fallout Tactics Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas […]

Black Friday 2018 Sale Roundup: Video Games and Hardware

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means game sales. Both game hardware and software are fair game for this roundup, though game downloads will be the focus of this article, for obvious reasons. GOG’s massive black friday sale is already up with sales of up to 90% on some of the year’s hottest titles and longtime […]

Over 75 Games are on Sale During GOG’s Made in Poland Sale This Weekend

This week marks the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence, which means GOG.COM is holding a massive sale on all games developed and published in Poland. Some games are marked down by 90%, however, the deal also includes a free giveaway of the Video Game Show – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concert. The free digital […]

GOG.com Posts Another Poorly Chosen Tweet, Then Retracts

The Twitter account for GOG.com is under fire again for making another poor choice in posting before retracting their message shortly after. This week, after news came out that the Trump administration would attempt to go after transgender rights and force gender to be either male or female at birth, the hashtag #WontBeErased started gaining […]

GOG Adds Star Wars Episode I: Racer to PC for Limited Time Download

Those of you who remember Star Wars Episode I: Racer on PC, the N64, and Dreamcast are about to have a really awesome day as GOG has announced they’re bringing back the game for a limited time to download on PC. The entire reason it’s coming back is simply that on Friday we’re going to be […]

Dead Space

Dead Space and King of Fighters 2002 are Free Today for PC Players

The first of EA’s best horror series is free to download right now on Origin. Yes, you can get Dead Space for free right now. You can head here to add the game to your account. It’s always nice when EA lets you pick up a game for free, and if you haven’t played it, Dead Space should be […]

 ‘Jotun’ Review: A Broody, Atmospheric Treasure Of A Game

With Thunder Lotus Games’ Jotun being free to own this weekend, we decided to go ahead and give it a review, even though it’s been out since September of 2015. The free part makes it kind of newsworthy, right? OK, fine, so we’re just trying to clear a backlog of games and this weekend was as good […]

Pathfinder Adventures Launches On PC In June

Obsidian Entertainment has just announced today that Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC and Mac players via Steam, GOG, and the Mac App Store on June 15th. Pathfinder Adventures faithfully recreates Paizo and Lone Shark Games’ multi-award-winning Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to take the well-loved tabletop game to PC and Mac gamers. Obsidian has blended their expertise […]

Inventive Horror Game ‘Perception’ Gets A Mysterious Launch Trailer

Feardemic and The Deep End Games have sneakily launched Perception on PC today through Steam and GOG. Keeping things quiet is key in any horror game, but especially in Perception, given the game’s Daredevil-like protagonist. In the game, players take on the role of Cassie, a blind woman able to sense the world around her via echolocation, who […]

‘The Silver Case’ Has Two New Chapters For PC Players

Grasshopper Manufacture Ltd. has updated The Silver Case’s HD Remastered PC version to include two new chapters – White Out and Yami – which link the story to its upcoming sequel. As well as adding the two new scenarios, some minor tweaking to the game also took place in regards to some movies and images, as well as additional achievements. The […]

Mother’s Day Game Sales Include Dragon Age, Crysis, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, And More!

You’ve got just about 18 hours to get in on GOG.com’s latest sale, which includes a number of EA and Telltale hit games like Dragon Age: Origins, Crysis, Dead Space, Mirror’s Edge, a number of Sim City, Medal of Honor, and Wing Commander titles, as well as Batman: The Telltale Series, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead all for up to 80% off individually or […]

More Star Wars Goodness In Today’s Games Deals

Both Humble Bundle and GOG have fantastic deals on Star Wars games for you to enjoy Star Wars Day like a proper fan. The GOG deal has more than eight days left on it, which is pretty fantastic, so don’t worry about timing out on those. Meanwhile, the Humble deal ends on May 8th. Humble […]

Horror Game Giveaway With Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, And More!

  We’ve partnered with the DRM free gaming site GOG.com to bring you guys a horror game giveaway! We’ve got codes for Little Nightmares, Outlast 2, Oxenfree, The Void, Pathologic, The Cat Lady, and Downfall Redoux for you. We’ve got more than 100 games to giveaway so horror fans, now is your time. The codes will be randomly selected by […]

GOG.Com Is Running A Massive Sale On D&D Games

GOG.com, an online games store known for being partnered with CD Projekt Red, has an absolutely massive sale on Dungeons & Dragons games including a massive D&D Completion Bundle for as much as 80% off. They’ve also got Beamdog’s Enhanced Editions for Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale for 75% off. That Completion Bundle I mentioned? Yeah, I was […]

GOG Galaxy’s New Patch Is Supposed To Make Their System Amazing

Those of you currently using GOG.com’s Galaxy app are about to get a major upgrade. The “gamer friendly” client has been an alternative to players who don’t like using Steam and other services that are lacking in areas they wish were more accessible. If you’re currently using Galaxy, you’ll be receiving the 1.2 patch today, […]

GOG.Com Refuse To Sell Controversial Title Hatred

Hatred has had a controversial journey since it was announced. That is probably to be expected from a game that is about massacring the public, but the title has had an up and down ride since birth. First the game was pulled off Steam, then it was reinstated, there have been those vehemently fighting against […]

GOG Adds Even More Classic Star Wars Games To Its Library

Just this Tuesday, Good Old Games brought several old Lucasfilm Star Wars games to its service for the first time, meaning players desiring that specific nostalgia kick no longer had to fiddle around to get the games working on a modern PC. That offer has now expanded too, with three more games getting added to […]