Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso Blend James Bond and The X-Files in Wyrd

Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso Blend James Bond and The X-Files in Wyrd

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Dark Horse has announced a new 4-issue mini-series by Curt Pires and Antonio Fuso hitting stores in January. Called Wyrd, the detective comic is billed as “James Bond meets The X-Files.” A press release provides more details:

There are some cases that are simply too weird for law enforcement to solve. Enter Pitor Wyrd, an un-aging, invincible detective with a penchant for the strange who steps in to assist…for a fee. Between a botched attempt at recreating a certain US supersolider, a monster roaming the countryside, and a trail of bodies, there is no case too big, too small, or too weird.

Writer Curt Pires (The Fiction, The Forevers, Pop, The Tomorrows) joins forces with artist Antonio Fuso (G.I. Joe: Cobra, James Bond, The Girl Who Played with Fire) for Wyrd, a four-issue comics series that’s James Bond meets The X Files. The series is colored by Stefano Simeone and features variant covers by Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer), Rafael Albuquerque (Neil Gaiman’s A Study in Emerald), Gabriele Dell’Otto (X-23), and Danijel Zezelj (Starve).

Look for it in stores on January 30th and check out two of the covers below:

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