New Riverdale Pops are on the Way From Funko in November

Riverdale has a new wave of Funko Pops to track down soon. Announced today, there will be six new Pops hitting stores in November. These are all based on the Jughead dream sequence in which our Fab Four are dressed in clothing and sporting looks a little closer to their classic comic book selves. Archie has his Riverdale sweater vest on, Jughead comes complete with his crown, Veronica has on a plaid skirt, and Betty has on a classic-looking poodle skirt. Making his Pop debut is Reggie Mantle in his Riverdale football uniform.

Also making his Pop debut is Kevin Keller. He will be found exclusively at Hot Topic.

Take a trip back to Jughead's dream sequence with the
newest series of Riverdale Pop!
Collect Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones,
and Betty Cooper, all wearing their dream sequence attire.

In addition, Reggie Mantle shown in his High School
football uniform joins the series.

Look for Kevin Keller, available at Hot Topic!

Funko Riverdale Rock Candy Betty

Also hitting stores is a new Rock Candy version of Betty.

All of these products will be available for purchase sometime in November, although I am sure some will find them later this month. That always seems to be the way. You can even preorder them right now here.


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