Boom Studios Will Treat Buffy The Vampire Slayer As They Did Power Rangers

Boom Studios Will Treat Buffy The Vampire Slayer As They Did Power Rangers

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Phil from Boom Studios had some good news (for Boom that is) for the retailers at New York Comic Con’s comic book retailer breakfast.

“BOOM Studios is beating the market 13% this year.” Which means that they have increasing by 6% while the direct market has dropped 7%. Ouch. And the Power Rangers helped…

“One of our biggest wins was Shattered Grid”

Ranger Slayer is a fan favorite and is the leader of the new team

Beyond the Grid will include new characters like Solar Ranger who might be the “most important character we’ve ever introduced.”

Joss Whedon’s Firefly is coming with the Unification War

Year 1 of the Firefly mythos, with Boom reporting that orders are “fantastic”.

It’s the first time Firefly is published as a monthly ongoing series. They are also doing legacy prints of prior Firefly issues

And a “Big Damn Heroes” legacy box

The creative team and details on the new Buffy comic will be announced tomorrow at Boom’s panel at the show.

They plan to be reimagining Buffy the way they did Power Rangers in 2015

“Adventure Time will continue exclusively” in a BOOM comic coming in 2019.

Undertaker is releasing on Halloween. WWE will be  leveraging their direct to consumer communications tomorrow for Undertaker comic

New printings coming for Fence, Coda already available, and Bone Parish will get a Discover Now edition on the final Wednesday in December.


Two new series from Boombox imprint…


Misfit City team is back in “Smooth Criminals” which launches in January

Heavy Vinyl will ship in February

Boom says that they’ve shipped 96% of their orders on time. Valiant of course will tell you they have 100%…

Advertising for their Boom Return-ability program now


One of the returnability program “surprises” sent to stores – and how it did on eBay.

“We’re beating the Market by 13% because we are your best partner.” They want to increase over market sales to 15-20% by the end of the year
And doing  that by taking orders on back issues with 10% discount for Boom partners over four weeks to prep for Holidays

Membership clearly has its privileges.

We coming from the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meeting at New York Comic-Con. With Bleeding Cool reporters Hugh Sheridan and Madeline Ricchiuto at the scene, reporting back to Rich Johnston in London. This is how we roll. To read more stories coming out of the meet, use this tag…

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