The Gifted 2x01 Recap: A Very Mutant Birth in 'eMergence'

The Gifted 2×01 Recap: A Very Mutant Birth in ‘eMergence’

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The second episode of the second season of The Gifted is set to debut tonight so here’s a recap of the previous episode “eMergence”.

We kick things off what appears to be mere hours after Lorna, Andy, and other mutants had decided to leave the Mutant Underground. The Inner Circle is having a meeting and the Stepford Cuckoos are present. We find out that they were acting on the order of a mutant named Reeva Payge. The other members of the Inner Circle disagree with how she went about bringing down the plane at the end of the previous season. However, Reeva believes that it is “better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. She uses her powers to incapacitate the other mutants in the Inner Circle as the Stepford Cuckoos brutally kill every single mutant that disagreed with Reeva. It’s quite a tone to set for the second season.

Next we have a time jump six months and Lorna is very pregnant and getting ready to give birth. Her and Andy, sporting some very blonde hair, appear to have bonded in the half of year they have been with the inner circle. Andy promises that they are her family and he will “his best” to protect and keep her safe. One of the Stepford Cuckoos and Reeva appear and it’s time to leave.

We cut to an apartment complex where Sentinel Services is doing a raid. We cut to a mutant family with what appears to be two human parents and two mutant sisters. Sentinel Services appears to kill the two parents in cold blood as the sister make an escape. We cut to John and Marcos who are going to try and help the mutants. We see shots of Sentinel Services pointing guns at people with their hands up. John and Marcos track a couple people down and we cut to Clarice and Lauren. The two of them work together, Clarice providing a way out with Lauren keeping a shield up to keep everyone safe, and save several people trying to escape the raid including the older sister from earlier, Cristina.

Caitlin is at a back alley hospital treating injuries when we finds out Cristina’s sister isn’t with the group. Caitlin asks if Cristina had seen Andy or Lorna without using their names but she doesn’t. Eventually Caitlin joins Reed and says that no one has heard anything about them. They are in Washington DC because they had tracked them this far.

The Stepford Cuckoos and Reeva show Lorna where she will be giving birth which is a building made almost entire of stone and concrete. We see why when the baby kicks and she has a power flare that moves an entire car.

The Underground meets to try and figure out their next step but Marcos is starting to get desperate. He isn’t the only one since Caitlin appears to be in the same boat. Marcos admits he reached out to a hacker but John points out that the only reason they are able to move at all is because Sentinel Services thinks they are dead. They can’t risk being exposed and Marcos doesn’t like that answer.

We cut to Lorna rubbing her stomach when the baby kicks again. Lorna tries to apologize for the power flare when Reeva walks in. Lorna explains that she didn’t think she’d be giving birth alone. Reeva shares her shared experiences with various forms of prejudice and Lorna mentions she’s heard rumors about what Reeva did to the Inner Circle. Lorna appears to be having doubts about whether or not Reeva can be trusted.

Clarice and John are living in domestic bliss while Cristina stays with them until they find her sister. That night the Strucker’s get into an argument about what Lauren should be doing with her time and whether she should invest all of it in the shelters Lauren says she needs to be alone and leaves.

We see her walking the street and eventually goes to the top of car park where Andy is waiting. They embrace but Andy takes her hand to activate the Fenris. Lauren tries to pull away but can’t. She wakes up screaming from the nightmare.

Lauren talks to her parents about the nightmare but Caitlin is pushing Lauren hard. Lauren eventually apologizes for not having any information about Andy and Caitlin looks stunned that Lauren would apologize for that. Eventually Caitlin breaks away from Reed and Lauren to call Marcos. They are going to talk to the hacker.

Meanwhile, they are preparing the building for the birth but Lorna is very nervous. She eventually pulls Andy aside and tells him to protect the baby. She has a feeling that Reeva and the Stepford Cuckoos would sacrifice the baby to save Lorna and she can’t let that happen. Andy agrees.

Marcos and Cailtin go visit Wire who is a mutant. He doesn’t take Marcos bringing Caitlin well and him and his friend pull guns on them. Caitlin manages to disarm Wire, take his gun, and put it to her head. She’s been training but that doesn’t stop her from taking a graze. Wire says was afraid to track the Inner Circle because people who do tend to vanish. He wants nothing to do with this and puts everything he has on a flash drive and Marcos and Caitlin leave.

John and Clarice tried to track down Cristina’s sister, Jasmine, but the trailer went cold. They promise to keep looking for her though. That’s when an injured Caitlin and Marcos appear. We cut back to Reed who seems like he isn’t doing well. He gets the call that Caitlin is hurt but we see red within his veins. His suppressed x-gene doesn’t seem to suppressed anymore.

Lorna goes into labor before the building they have set up for her is ready. She starts to throw all of the metal in the building around and the power flickers. Reed chastises Caitlin for taking such a risk and she says that they have to find Andy because he was taken. Lauren disagrees; he left and there is a huge difference. The power begins to flicker and Marcos calls the Strucker’s to the roof; it’s Lorna’s powers and he’s sure of it and Caitlin says she thinks Lorna is in labor.

The labor in question isn’t going well. Lorna isn’t dilating and the doctor says she has a mental block. The Stepford Cuckoos want to intervene but Andy stops them worried about the safety of the baby. He eventually relents and they show Lorna a vision of the world they are building not just for her but for her daughter. “The dawn of a new age” according to Reeva.

Meanwhile John is tracking Lorna’s power flares as the Mutant Underground races across the city to try and find Andy and Lorna. Caitlin says the dream was right and Andy was close so it seems that Lauren and Andy could be sharing dreams. The power eventually goes out completely before everyone is able to find them. With nothing to track they have no idea where to go. Marcos is incredibly distraught because he’s worried Lorna, the baby, or both could be dead. He loses control of his powers his hands emitting a very bright light.

We cut back to Lorna, holding her baby, and she says “hello Dawn.”

Summary: In a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear, an institute for mutants battles to achieve peaceful co-existence with humanity.

The Gifted, created by Matt Nix, stars Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percey Hynes White, Sean Teale, Emma Dumont, Jamie Chung, and Blair Redford. It airs on Tuesdays on FOX 8pm EST.

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