Batpenis Strikes Again - DC Comics Won't Reprint Batman: Damned #1 - and #2 is Late

Batpenis Strikes Again – DC Comics Won’t Reprint Batman: Damned #1 – and #2 is Late

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DC Comics has informed comic book retailers that, as it stands, the sold-out-in-a-flash comic Batman: Damned #1 will not be reprinted. At all.

That is despite previous statements that further printings of Batman: Damned #1 by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo would see the male nudity that caused such headline worldwide removed. And also despite the demand which has turned it into a $60-$160 comic – or a $500+ comic when signed and slabbed.

Expect those prices to rise further in the light of this information.

Also while they are at it, Batman: Damned #2 has slipped from November the 21st to December 5th. And Batman: Damned #3, rather than in the planned month of January, will slip two whole months until March 13th 2019.

(W) Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Lee Bermejo
As Batman’s descent into the madness of Gotham City’s decadent underbelly continues, he must try to exorcise some of his demons…and who better to help than the Demon, Etrigan himself. And where there’s demons, there’s also a Deadman, a Spectre, an Enchantress and a host of other supernatural friends and foes-it’s a veritable Grand Guignol! SRP: $6.99

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