Michel Fiffe Assembles Classic GI Joe Team for 2019 Mini-Series

Michel Fiffe will be writing, drawing, coloring, and lettering a new GI Joe mini-series from IDW next Spring, which means his name can appear on the cover twice. Called GI Joe: Sierra Muerte, Fiffe's comic brings a classic Joe squad together for a new adventure.

"Love and loss, combat and cunning, cheap laughs and high stakes – this is everything I want in a G.I. Joe comic," said Fiffe in a Nerdist EX-X-X-CLUSIVE, providing a stellar review of his own comic that would make for an impressive pull quote on the back cover. Nerdist also obtained some beautiful artwork from the series and promptly plastered their logo on it so that everyone who looked at an image would be aware of Nerdist's incredible journalistic ability to coordinate with a comic book publisher's PR department. Respect!

It's unclear whether the series represents yet another GI Joe reboot, or whether IDW has finally accepted that Larry Hama's GI Joe is the one true continuity and will just produce elseworld mini-series every once in a while from now on. Maybe we'll find out more at New York Comic Con. Check out the preview below.

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