Sombra is Getting a Diablo-Themed Overwatch Skin in BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

Sombra is Getting a Diablo-Themed Overwatch Skin in BlizzCon Virtual Ticket

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As is customary, a new Overwatch skin is coming as part of the BlizzCon Virtual ticket, this time Sombra getting a Diablo-inspired Demon Hunter skin.


Some of my favorite Overwatch skins are those that mix the worlds of other Blizzard properties into the game of heroes. Doomfist’s Blackhand and Torbjorn’s Magnus are excellent, with plenty of other notable examples too. I’ve often wondered if we’d ever see more as those ones were only put into Overwatch to celebrate the inclusion of Blizzard World. That’s not a recurring event, but what is, is BlizzCon.

It seems Blizzard is bringing a new skin based on another property in thanks to the upcoming convention. It’s been announced that to celebrate the incoming BlizzCon, Overwatch‘s Sombra will be getting a new skin. The skin is based on the Demon Hunter from Diablo, and looks rad as hell. To get it, you will need to purchase a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, which will give you full access to the convention from the comfort of your home, as well as several yet to be announced in-game items for other Blizzard games. You can see it shown off in Overwatch here in this new trailer:

Talk of something new from the Diablo franchise has been swirling a whole lot recently. There are many expectations that, if not a whole new game, we’d be getting some kind of major content drop for Diablo 3. This reward will only keep that fire burning, as I’m sure it’s designed too. Still, regardless of if this is hinting at a new Diablo release, it looks awesome and a great addition to the Overwatch skin library.

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