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Kevin Smith – From Fatman to (Kinda) Batman

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You may have read my own personal weight loss journey posts. Another is due, as I’ve just lost over 50 pounds since April. But I am not the only one on a similar journey, if going a different route. Kevin Smith had something to share today.

You know Kevin Smith? This Kevin Smith?

Well, now this Kevin Smith.

He writes on Instagram:

This @weightwatchersAmbassador is thrilled to announce that I’VE LOST 51 POUNDS! Six months ago from right now, I was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack I’d had the night before. When I went to my Doctor a week later, she told me “The best thing you can do for yourself now is to lose 50 pounds.” Half a year later, I can report that I followed Doctor’s orders: I started at 256 and now I weigh 205. This is the lightest I’ve been since high school! My hope now is I can slowly lose another 10 with #weightwatchers and get down to my birth weight of 195! But for now, I’m ecstatic to have reached this chunky milestone! I wanna thank #pennjillette for his book #presto@raycronise for getting me started with his potato famine, and the good folks at #weightwatchers for their app-based program that made it easy to keep track of and control my eating! And I also wanna thank my kid @harleyquinnsmith – the little vegan astronaut who explored this meatless/milkless galaxy ahead of me, leading by example. Since I never wanted to see the inside of a hospital ever again, I simply copied the Kid. So this wasn’t a diet: these results came from a total lifestyle change of eating solely plant-based foods (which is tough because I hate vegetables). But mostly, I wanna thank all of you as well – for the kind and encouraging words along the way. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback: you folks telling me I looked better or healthier helped me stick with it. An encouraging word can really make a difference in someone’s life and your compliments kept me going! And just look where I went! #KevinSmith #WWambassador#WWFreestyle #WWFamily #WWBros#weightlosstransformation #weightloss#WWCommunity #ad *People following the Weight Watchers program can expect to lose 1-2lbs per week.

As he pointed out, he wasn’t even supposed to be here this year. Sometimes it takes a shock to the system. But it doesn’t have to.

I think I’m going to write and draw a diet comic book. Any publishers interested?

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