A Transparent Purple Cube Has Appeared in Fortnite

The developers from Epic Games have decided to throw in another new mystery item into Fortnite with the latest update that’s now drawing crowds. The latest 5.3 update added a lot of cool items to the game, but the most mysterious of them has appeared in Paradise Palms, as a transparent purple cube currently sits on the map. The cube itself does a couple of interesting things at the moment. You can walk to it, climb on top of it, jump on it, shoot it, bomb it, whatever you’d like. You can’t harm or destroy the thing in a Fortnite game. But it does come with some benefits.

Right now, if you manage to get close to it, an energy field will appear along with some symbols and then you’ll see your shield meter slowly charge up. Even if you have no shields. If you decide to climb on top of it, you can bounce on it, and if you decide to smack it with your pickaxe you’ll get shot up into the air. It’s a curious little addition that currently has no explanation, but we’re sure in due time another update will come around and point to aliens or some random junk like that.

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